Robotic Enhancing

Robotic enhancements are a common practice among Omegatech affiliates. They are a set of various biomechatronics modifications people choose to undergo for different reason. They range from prosthetic limbs to artificial eyes or other organs.   The enhacements were born as medical devices for people with congenic disabilities or injured in accidents. They evolved with Omegatech's tecnical capabilities, becoming, for people rich enough to afford them, the first way to go beyond human nature.   While Omegatech prouds itself in its techonological advancents which make enhancements possible, not everyone condone them. Weyer Biotechs and the First Order Church, for instance, condemn cybernatic implants, even though for different reasons.

Cultural Reception

At first, when the enhancing was limited to medical treatments, no one opposed the implants.   However, when their scope extended to physical enhancements, the First Order Church expressed its adverse opinion. For the Church, trying to go beyond humanity, be it with genetic modifications or robotic implants, is an unforgivable sin. Enhanced humans, for the Church and its followers, are mounstrous creatures playing the role of a god.   Weyer Biotechs opposes the enhacements, not for morality, bur rather because the corporation proposes a different way of trascending humanity, through genetic modifications.   Ordinary people often consider enhanced humans as robots. They distrust them and are wary around them, as if they would join a robot rebellion. Especially after the FTH Complex Accident, people consider them dangerous.


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9 Aug, 2022 05:04

I really enjoyed reading this exploration of the classic "What is a Human?" question your article brings up, partially because my family has people who could really benefit from enhancements like this, so the exploration of going further is really really interesting. I also like how the article hints at an exploration at finding where the line between "Human" "Enhanced Human" and "Robot" is with the common people considering Enhanced Humans to be Robots. I look forward to future readings in your world as you build further!

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Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed my little article!