First Order Church

The First Order Church is the most widespread cult among religious people on Ained, supposedly the first religious order ever founded. While its doctrine changed over time, especially to accommodate scientific discoveries, the core foundation is that the Sun Ained orbited before the Slingshot was a loving god who created the planet and nourished humans with its rays and heat, sustaining life. Nowadays, the primary belief is that the last gift the Sun gave to humans is the planet they inhabit.  


At first, the cult revolved around the Sun, that considered a divine being who created the planet and life thereon, and the vital energies it bestowed upon Ained. In ancient times, people believed it was the god to decide when to show and when to make it rain. For them, the night and the clouds were intended to create a period of divine absence, to better appreciate the god's presence during sunny days.   It is debated whether, in the beginning, they believed there were other gods or whether the Sun had always been the only one. At some point during history, the Church declared the Sun the only real divinity. All the other seemingly divine phenomena were just different aspects of the same being.   With time, however, science took away from the Sun its supposed domains. Clouds and nights were explained, for instance, and the more scientists discovered the ways of nature, the more power the god seemed to lose. The Church accepted with honesty the scientific advancements, saying humans were meant to understand the true role of the Sun in the universe to intellectually ascend in communion with their god.   However, when the existence of other stars became apparent, a first schism happened inside the cult. Some people believed there was only one true god, Ained's Sun, and that other planets were devoid of life. Others claimed every star was a divine being, nourishing life in the planets orbiting around them. When no life seemed to be present anywhere, the latter lost some grip on the population, becoming a minority.   When it became clear Ained was likely destinated to a Slingshot and an eternity of darkness, many wondered how and why their god would just let them go. Myriad variations of the cult formed, and the Order saw the largest fragmentation it had ever experienced.   The official position of the Order is that the Sun was not a careless or unloving god. It was like a parent, and Ained was their child. Humanity was now mature enough to venture alone away from its parent and creator. Ained was their holy home, the last sacred gift freely given by the Sun.

Public Agenda

In 12594 scientists predicted, if technological advancements would proceed for another century as they currently were, that it could be possible to leave Ained around the year 14500 to sail towards a nearby stellar system with a habitable planet. The UNA formed a group of specialised researchers to investigate the matter, and soon confirmation arrived. With enough materials and preparation, it would be possible to leave Ained, reach 212 Caeli and establish a new home. The only missing technology was an engine powerful enough to accelerate a spaceship to a significant fraction of the speed of light or a way for humans to survive the longest journey anyone had ever endured.   At first the Church was not pleased, but the scenario was deemed a scientist's dream. Technology was not there yet, and many researchers did not believe it to be possible to achieve such technologies, especially in such a short time. The Order voiced their disagreement. Ained was the final gift their god made them, it was holy and sacred, and they had no right to decide where to live. The fate of humanity was to stay on their dark planet forever.   For half a millennium, the paper was mostly forgotten. Someone still dreamt of escaping the frozen prison and venturing on the surface of a new planet, but it did not seem a real possibility. Until, in 12993, Omegatech announced advances in cybernetics would allow, in a dozen years at most, to make humans much closer to robots. Among other discussions about morality and dangers, it would let humans survive with almost no food for long periods, which led to a rebirth of the new home dream.   The Church restated its position and stiffened towards such technological advancements. Members of the Order now preach for the "pure human", a being not modified by any means with cybernetic or heavy genetic technology. They strongly oppose Omegatech, seeing it as their nemesis, and are actively trying to convince governments and the UNA to issue a formal reprimand against Omegatech for "going beyond the limits the Sun imposed on humanity".   In secret, high-ranked members of the Order are looking for allies to undertake covert military actions against the corporation, should everything else fail.
Religious, Organised Religion


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