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Feirércio, Arapinero Region

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Most of the year, Feirércio is a quiet town of roughly 44,000 people in the mostly rural Arapinero Region. It has a modest hospitality industry, offering a number of penny-plain but comfortable motels with attached diners open 24/7, making it an attractive rest stop for the large numbers of truckers that pass through the region.   On the first long weekend of the last month of every year, Feirércio makes use of what would seem like a disproportionately large fairgrounds as the town is descended upon by one of the most powerful unions not only within Mosvador, but the entire continent of Adis: the Agricultural Production Union (APU).  

Chosen Land

Anyone surprised by the fact that the APU headquarters are located so far outside of Mosvador's agricultural production region are clearly unfamiliar with one of APU's central tenets: any square foot of arable land not being farmed is a square foot wasted. This rings especially true given that the Mosvadoran peninsula is the only part of Adis to extend through the Dusk Region and into the sun-facing side of the planet, making it home to the only photosynthetic-capable arable lands in the continent.   APU's headquarters is a two-story building constructed of burnt clay bricks, located directly across from the town's fairgrounds. It contains accounting, secretarial, and archival offices; meeting rooms for use by union representatives; and the office of the union's Chief Steward.


Feirércio is divided into seven political wards of roughly equal population size, each of whom vote to elect one member of the town's council. Council members serve six-year staggered terms, with wards 1-3 having elections during even years, and wards 4-7 during odd years. Council members are required to have been full-time residents of the town for at least two years at the start of their term.
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