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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Arsippar is a mid-sized colony of the Kingdom of Hazar. It is an enclave, surrounded on three sides by the O'Rauven Wildlands and on the fourth by the salty waters of the Mylvenore Strait. Part of the Charmiers Colonies, Arsippar is Hazar's southernmost territory, and serves as a major point of trade with the Wildlands both for Hazar and the rest of Phicen.   Compared to most other trade ports, Arsippar is far from typical. Rather than those in possession of a product bringing it to market, looking to sell to merchants willing to export it, Arsippar works in reverse. Merchants hire guides, often local Nuvulauai birdfolk who have been learning how to read and navigate feywild faults since they could flap their wings, to guide them on expeditions into the Wildlands. During the journey, guides will teach them the ways of the fae, and eventually help them meet with fae who the merchants hope to enter business deals with. Most guides know to get out of the way as soon as they have facilitated proper introductions, not wanting to be caught up in or responsible for whatever deal is, or isn't, made. Most merchants seek specialty feywild items: magical dyes, spices, beadwork, and textiles. They also seek permission to gather specific resources on the material plane-side of the faults, namely ceslyx crystals and timber.


77% minotaur, 9% human, 6% birdfolk, 4% forest gnome, 4% others


Arsippar is loosely divided into two main areas: the port, and the neighborhood. The port, unsurprisingly, consists of the town's ports, as well as the area immediately inward which consists of a small marketplace and inns. The neighborhood consists of the residential area of town inhabited by locals; few tourists have reason to enter the area.


Most who visit Arsippar are there for business rather than pleasure, but it does receive its fair share of tourists. Most are wealthy, seeking an experience with the strange exotic.


Unlike mainland Hazar, which predominantly utilizes brick and stone architecture, buildings in Arsippar are mainly made of wood, owing to available natural resources.
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