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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Ceslyx is a crystalline mineral found only in the O'rauven Wildlands. Originally believed to be crystalline growths with some sort of luminescent property, people realized their glow would fade when taken away from the feywild faults which they form near, initially suggesting it was not the crystals themselves that were unique, but the faults which spurred their growth. However, it would soon be discovered that being in close proximity to any magic, be it items or specific locations with innate magical properties, can cause ceslyx to glow.


Material Characteristics

Ceslyx grows in hexagonal points. It appears a pale, milky blue but takes on an orange tint near edges and points where the crystal is thinnest.

Geology & Geography

Ceslyx is only found growing on exposed hard stones within a 50 foot (15 meter) radius of feywild fault lines in the O'rauven Wildlands. They are believed to stop growing as soon as their are removed from this area, even if they are later returned.

History & Usage

Manufacturing & Products

It has been discovered that ground down ceslyx can be added to the usual components used to make glass and still retain its magic-detecting properties. This allows it to be made into a number of objects ranging from rings to beaded bracelets to the most popular, magnifying glasses. The ceslyx does cause some discoloration in the glass, tinting it a similar but paler blue to their usual color in their crystal form, and, in the case of objects such as magnifying glasses, any light that shines through it is tinted orange.   Attempts have been made to incorporate it into other types of materials such as dye for clothing, but have not had much success or have been cost-prohibitive.
Ceslyx Crystals by Midjourney
Usually pale blue, slight orange tint near thin edges
Melting / Freezing Point
3000°F (1650°C) melting point
We set up camp about 100 feet away from the first fault we encountered. I'd prefer to be further, the thing makes my hair stand on end, but the captain said this would be fine. I was gathering firewood to start making dinner and noticed all these little bitty crystals sticking out of some rocks. They're a real pretty blue, but they glow and the light they give off looks orange? Mister Mitesh assured me they're safe like any other rock, so I grabbed one for Nellie. I think she'll get a kick out of it.   ~ Aled Parsons, cook aboard the carrack Evelyn, in a letter to his wife, 3rd of Witherswane, AE 112

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