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Moons of Netherdyn

The Silvermoon, the Goldenmoon and the Unblinking Moon

"In the irrevocable wake of the Age of Silence, our world has been eternally metamorphosed. No mere natural occurrence, nor solitary celestial entity, remains untouched. All is shaped by the looming presence of the New Gods. And among these celestial symbols, none stand more exemplar than the moons, suspended above us in nightly reverie. Beneath their starlit watch, the unveiled truth beckons. Our surroundings, both divine and aberration, bear their mark. A paradox emerges: sacredness and sacrilege entwine. Within a world cast in the shadow of the Silence, our moons—those dualistic beacons—mirror our wonderfully enigmatic essence."
— From: "Ciphers of the Cosmos: Decoding the Language of the Divine" by Arvandus Quillborne

The Celestial Dance of Three Moons

  For as long as memory stretches, the realm of Netherdyn has been graced by the presence of three celestial companions adorning its night sky. Recordings attest that the arrival of the third moon occurred at the culmination of the Silence – an age marked by many transformations. Yet, whether the two elder moons were inherent aspects of the Divine Parent's original design or whether they, too, were born of Netherdyn's metamorphosis remains a topic of speculation. In the realm of conjecture, a common belief in Galdorsmynd proposes that Netherdyn was initially adorned by a solitary moon, which fragmented during the Silence, giving rise to the two luminaries that now grace the heavens. However, substantial evidence to bolster this theory remains scarce.   Either way: These celestial entities have been given diverse names across languages and cultures, though they are most commonly acknowledged as the "Silvermoon" and the "Goldmoon", owing to the resplendent colors they radiate during nocturnal hours. One casts a serene, silvery sheen upon the night, while the other emanates a warm, golden luminescence. The framework of the Galdoric Calendar is entwined with their waxing and waning dance. When one moon waxes, its counterpart wanes. At the zenith of this lunar interplay – on the 13th, 14th, and 15th days of each month – both celestial companions wander the nocturnal expanse as equals, forming a celestial duet of perfect halves.   This harmony prevails for the majority of months, yet a deviation emerges in the 13th month, Ænigwhit. Within these days, the Silvermoon and Goldmoon withdraw from the night's embrace, surrendering the firmament to a third presence. This moon manifests as an unblinking, starry gaze – its eerie, purple luminosity casting a mesmerizing glow. Unconstrained by the ebb and flow of waxing and waning, the third moon – known colloquially as "the Unblinking" – remains fixed in the sky throughout the entirety of Ænigwhit's 27 days, peering unwaveringly upon the realm of Netherdyn.   The trio of moons possesses a palpable influence over Netherdyn's expansive magical milieu. Whether the wellspring be the Arcane Plexus, the ethereal realm of spirits, the dangerous Netherhells, or a divine source, the gravitational ballet of these moons intimately interlaces with the very essence of magic. The cycle of the moons orchestrates both augmentation and suppression, bestowing spells with heightened potency during certain phases and quelling their vigor during others. This intricate interplay of lunar phases and magical resonance finds its scholarly domain within the discipline known as "Astroarcana," where adept researchers delve into the intricate nexus between celestial rotations and arcane manifestations.  

Symbol of the Three Moons

Moon of Spirits and Introspection
The Silvermoon boasts the moniker "Aelun" in the ancient Galdoric tongue, while also resonating as "Lunaris" amongst the inhabitants of Valleterna and "Chors" amid Demenorians. Its shimmering silver luminescence evokes serenity, mystique, and contemplation. In the fields of astroarcana, the Silvermoon stands as a corroborated catalyst for the augmentation of divination, insights and revelations. Moreover, its radiance holds sway over the realm of necrospiritism, amplifying the connection between the living and the realm of the dead. The Silvermoon's touch is known to refine the voices of the departed as they traverse Sheol, enabling them to manifest with heightened clarity. This celestial light equally imparts its influence on the arcane, bolstering ice-based spells and casting a pall over the might of fire-infused incantations. Consequently, lunar phases graced by the ascent of the Silvermoon find favor among diviners, necromancers, and spiritists, their arts intensified beneath its radiant glow.  
Moon of Ambition and Growth
Mirroring the Silvermoon's presence, the Goldmoon garners the name "Aurun" in the Galdroci language, along with "Oronthe" in Valleterna and "Simargl" within Demenore. Its resplendent golden radiance entwines it with themes of prosperity, vitality, and accomplishment. Throughout the phases of waxing Goldmoon, a marked augmentation of various healing magics is observed. From curative interventions to purifications, its aura bestows an elevated efficacy. This celestial influence accelerates the mending of physical wounds, while also expediting the dispelling of noxious energies, venoms, and malevolent enchantments. Incantations and rituals crafted to foster growth, whether in harvest or fertility, find their zenith during the pinnacle of the Goldmoon's reign. Conversely, the realm of fire-oriented spells experiences a surge in potency, while ice-rooted incantations dwindle in strength. As such, the months graced by a burgeoning Goldmoon are particularly cherished by healers, physicians, druids, botanists, and herbalists, whose practices flourish beneath its radiant embrace.  
Moon of Madness and Secrecy
Diverging significantly from both the Silver- and Goldmoons, the Unblinking Moon, commonly denoted as "the Unblinking," stands as a celestial entity that transcends mere luminary status. In truth, this moon embodies a sentient, living essence. Its sighting is an infrequent occurrence, manifesting solely during a solitary month within the annual cycle. However, the prevailing belief posits that the Unblinking is ceaselessly watchful, its unbroken vigilance exclusively unveiled during the month of Ænigwhit, coinciding with the temporary absence of its two celestial counterparts. Laden with an eerie and disconcerting aura, this moon aligns with themes of trickery, secrecy, and madness.   Netherdyn's legends recount a time when the world was in its infancy, pre-dating the advent of the Silence, during which the Unblinking Moon was a luminous and protective dragon. Yet, envy and resentment brewed amongst its kin, leading to the consumption of its radiance, fracturing its wings, and consigning it to the sky for eternity. Gradually, it metamorphosed into the concealed third moon of Netherdyn, reappearing as the Silence drew to its close. Within the Pantheon of the New Gods, the Unblinking garners devotion from those shrouded in shadows, including thieves, saboteurs, and assassins, as well as seekers of knowledge such as scholars and researchers.   The Unblinking's impact on magic remains capricious, frequently rendering spells and rituals notably perilous during the span of its otherworldly manifestation. Seasoned witches and wizards often proffer counsel against undertaking intricate spells or daring incantations during the month of Ænigwhit—unless one is adequately prepared to grapple with the formidable alteration of their arcane capabilities beneath the unrelenting scrutiny of this lunar gaze.  

Blessing and Moonsigns

  Throughout the diverse cultures of Netherdyn, a prevailing belief asserts that the correlation between the three moons bestow both benedictions and curses upon a newborn when it enters the world during specific nights. This cosmic alignment allegedly shapes the infant's destiny, character, and the very essence of their soul. Despite this conviction, scholars specializing in astroarcanism have yet to unearth evidence substantiating a direct influence between one's personality and a specific Moonsign.   However, the influence of the moons is indeed capable of inducing a lingering impact on an individual's constitution. This effect primarily pertains to the alteration of how external energies intermingle with the recipient's mind, physical form, or spiritual essence, rather than manifesting as an inherent aspect of their character.  

    The Nine Moonsigns include:

    (New Silvermoon, Full Goldmoon)
    (Waxing Crescent Silvermoon, Waning Gibbous Goldmoon)
    (Waxing Quarter Silvermoon, Waning Quarter Goldmoon)
    (Waxing Gibbous Silvermoon, Waning Crescent Goldmoon)
    (Full Silvermoon, New Goldmoon)
    (Waning Gibbous Silvermoon, Waxing Crescent Goldmoon)
    (Waning Quarter Silvermoon, Waxing Quarter Goldmoon)
    (Waning Gibbous Silvermoon, Waxing Crescent Goldmoon)
    (Unblinking Gaze)


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