Waves of Resonating Destruction

Haken's Vibrations continue to get worse, it's getting more and more difficult to contain even though I've moved up to a Sixth Degree Resonex. I'm torn as I've never seen vibrations this strong but, at the same time, if I don't restrict his access to Resonance with a Sopactum Core Tattoo soon, it's possible he'll overwhelm me.
-- Eritís Meseti, Dear Son, Journal Collection
Though powerful, Vibrations are not harnessable as they're the raw release of power from Vibril. While less powerful Vibril won't experience regular Vibrations, especially in notable ways, should a powerful enough Vibril not be located and placed into the protection of a Resonator of equal power the consequences could be devastating -- both to the world and to the Vibril.  
Vibrations hold the same potential as Resonex, dangerous in both power and unpredictability. However, Vibrations are even more unstable than Resonex as the Resonance isn't being refined through Sopactum Core Tattoos. In the height of their power, especially for cyclic Vibrations, Resonance places strain upon the body until it erupts, inflicting damage upon the Vibril and their surroundings.   Vibrations can be predicted, for those with enough power their Resonance keeps to a pattern of Vibration; however, even when predicted, the only option to hinder the Vibration is the removal of the Vibril to a secluded location. This doesn't help with the effect upon the Vibril's body, making the refusal of Sopactum Core Tattoos deadly.
Vity Resonating Point
In the year 2734 PR, a Vibration completely changed the landscape of the Vity Resonating Point. Prior to 2734, the Vity Resonating Point was characterized by intense waves of gravity, cycling over the land making it practically uninhabitable. However, a younger girl, overwhelmed by the flow of the Resonance at the Vity Resonating Point, experienced a Vibration that shattered the entire isle leaving rocks hanging in the air.   In the modern day, the Shattered Isle remains unchanged; rocks of all sizes float in the air and there's little consistency to gravity making it one of the more unique of Resonating Points.
Vibrations are, at their core, simply the release of the entire supply of Resonance a Vibril commands, released in raw form; due to the potency of pure Resonance, such that it has to be channelled through Sopactum Core Tattoos, Vibrations manifest in various combinations and forms of the Seven Cores
Laws & Restrictions
Pure and untamable, like Vibril, Vibrations are only restricted by the potential of the Vibril instead of by the laws of the Seven Cores
The source of Vibrations is the Resonance that builds up within a Vibril, caused by their inability to channel or store Resonance properly without the use of Sopactum Core Tattoos

Abilities & Effects

Vibrations are the most inconsistent form of Resonance, known for being uncontrollable at best. However, Vibrations still have several key abilities and virtually no limitations; more so than even the banning of Resonex, Vibrations are revered and feared.  
  Historically, the danger of Vibrations brought about the common misconception that Vibrations are cursed. However, even among those who understand the potent of Vibrations, the danger that Vibrations pose cannot be understated: Vibrations are the only thing in the world with the potential to surpass the horrors of Resonex due to being uncontrollable.  
  Humanity is often consumed by power, following it even when fearful of what may come. Such is the case with Vibrations as many hold an uncanny interest despite the numerous dangers. Despite this, fear overwhelms those who've experienced Vibrations for they are aware of the reality-destroying potency of even small-scale Vibrations.
My studying of Vibrations continues to fail, the results of each wave being far too dangerous to quantify, much less to approve further studies. What I have determined is that Vibrations disrupt the flow of Resonance around the Vibril, resulting in their loss of Resonance for a period of time causing detrimental damage to their body. Similarly, my own Resonance in unstable for several minutes following Vibrations.
I've begun to see why people have floated the idea of using Vibrations as weapons, but it'd be far too costly and impossible to control. Much like those that have previously attempted to use Vibrations, I've come to the conclusion that all Resonators should receive Sopactum Core Tattoos -- especially those with uncontrollable cyclic Vibrations.
-- Rebbi Kuntza, Research Log


My studies on Vibrations haven't yet concluded. Today, I met a girl with a unique ability: the disruption of the cost of Vibrations. Previously, my studies brought me to the conclusion that Vibrations' lack of limitations make them useless. This young girl has begun to demonstrate potential that I've never seen before. She is able to contain her Resonance within herself despite having a larger volume than many young Vibril. I believe that, in the future, she may be able to use Resonance without any Sopactum Core Tattoos, a revolutionary advantage following the banning of Resonex.
There is, however, a cost: her health. Just as Vibrations tear apart the body of the Vibril, it seems the containment of her Resonance has lead to the cost being expressed at a constant state. I will continue to study the effects, however, I believe I may have to advise her to get a Sopactum Core Tattoo before long -- for the sake of her health.
-- Rebbi Kuntza, Research Log
The only known limitation of Vibrations is that of the volume of Resonance the Vibril possesses. Based on theoretical predictions by famous scientist Rebbi Kuntza, a Vibril with a volume of Resonance of infinite scale would experience Vibrations without limitations.  
Resonance is reality itself. It has the ability to alter everything from gravity to the fabric of space-time. Just as Resonance has the unlimited potential to alter the landscape of nature, Vibrations pull upon this potential. As Resonators, we bind our Resonance to the Seven Cores through Sopactum.   To have access to the full potential of Resonance in such wild form that the user cannot control it is the greatest danger one can face. Far more so than the equivalent power of a Resonex, Vibrations bending realities in ways inconceivable by the limitations of the human mind.
— Expert Resonator


Author's Notes

This article took forever to get out as I'm getting into finals week now. I hope you enjoy the extra few notebook sections as Rebbi Kuntza is an interesting character I've been playing around with as a large historical figure. She'll probably be important to my next article, but I felt -- since she's a famous theoretical scientist -- Vibrations would be right up her ally.  

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Woah so hold on here. Their mentors act as a kind of cancellation of the vibration? Like they teach them and have to be of equal power so they can keep it contained until the tattoos are applied? Did I understand that right. I hope so cause that's an awesome little detail. The opening quote really sells the idea too. I hope I understood that right. Either way, well done again good sir. I'm loving this system and every article just makes it better. I like that it's not just simple training to control the power. It's almost like a binding. Vibril are chained for their own good and the good of others. I like how you go into cultural aspects as well.

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There's a yes and no to that idea. I wanted to do something, but the more I thought about it the less it made sense as Vibrations are extremely powerful. However, a mentor to a Vibril with equivalent or greater power does have the ability to cancel out effects within their Core. This means, if a Vibril shows a tendency toward a Core, a mentor could be selected to reduce exterior damage.; I do also mention this doesn't allow for Vibrations to not affect the Vibril as the Vibril will still suffer the internal damage from the volatile nature of Resonance. But yes, technically it's possible. The opening quote is important as it shows why it only works sometimes: Eri is a Resonex so she's able to mostly cancel out the Vibrations but, if it takes after the only Core she doesn't yet possess, there could still be devastating effects.   Culture is one of the most important aspects for me since I often find that I dislike real cultures so I'm trying to make more welcoming ones within my worl. As far as Resonance goes, I've kind of made blanket cultures as I felt it would be logical for Resonance to have a universal culture behind it even as the nations split into their own sociological cultures. This comes from the fact Resonance has been the very core of history, bending it so frequently that the cultural aspects of Resonance became universal.   Sopactum Core Tattoos are very much binding for high-level Resonators. For low-level Resonators, it really allows them to access the small amounts of Resonance in their body. These kinds of Resonators are those that don't experience cyclic Vibrations, will find tattoos to be a great tool. But, once you hit Class 1 Resonators, you realize that they have less overall power than before -- which is why usually it's only high-class Resonators drawn to being Resonex. Hope that makes sense!   Thanks! I really love this magic system and, since I'm never going to get the time to finish World Ember properly, different small things like this have become my focus. I think you'll be excited about the next two articles as one is going to be about the rarity of Ace/Ti Resonators and the other is going to be about a high-level Anéginnín military technique that effectively uses a pair of Resonators to be high-level spies. Those should be fun!   Oh yeah. One other thing you should hold onto from this article is the fact that very powerful Vibril can contain their Resonance within themselves. That girl mentioned in the Limitations section will be double important as she will become a Resonex after being bound by Sopactum and she's the mold for one of my characters -- who I've not realized will be super physically weak. But's it's an exciting prospect to consider for a character.   Whoops. Sorry, I think I went kind of overboard here. It's just a really exciting idea to me. Anyway, the comment is appreciated as always and I hope you continue to enjoy the system! Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Thank you so very much! I really liked the Rebbi Kuntza sections and Eritís' journal entries always open my magic-oriented articles, so I'm glad they piqued your interest. Yep, you're pretty much dead on. Sopactum accentuates accuracy and control at the cost of freedom and power, so Resonex rise to regain the power they had previously.

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