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Formed of the remnants of the ancient kingdom Aldis Tre, the Eastern Kingdom is the more reclusive of the three great kingdoms. They have cut off all trade with the old world and trade very little with Western and Southern Kingdoms. They are also the only kingdom to have no official relationships with any of orc tribes that occupy the lands between the Eastern Kingdom and the Inner Wilds.   When required by the Three, they will contribute forces to the Cullings, but in general they choose not to associate with the other kingdoms. The genesis of this attitude goes back several thousand years to the time of the kingdom of Aldis Tre. After the fall of Silverstar, many of the other kingdoms of the world turned against the east. Time and again they attacked kingdom’s western borders. With each invasion of the kingdom, another piece was lost.   It was the great disaster that was the final deathblow to the old kingdom of Aldis Tre. The capital city of Thal was lost to the wastelands of the inner continent, and the old kingdom dissolved. After the disaster, the remaining eastern lands were largely cut off from the rest of the continent for a time. Other than being cut off, however, the eastern lands survived mostly unscathed. A new capital was established and the kingdom of Nuah’Nuar was formed.   Although it was a new kingdom, the population remained the same, and their resentments of the other kingdoms remained. And while there have been no wars or invasions since the disaster, the attitudes remain.

Geopolitical, Kingdom

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