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Inner Wilds

Much of the interior of the continent of Ma'urwol is untamed wild lands. It has been so since The Great Fall. At that time, most of the population centers that occupied that part of the continent were destroyed as the land was lifted up to an elevation of around 1000 meters.   As it was ripped upwards, an outer rim of mountains was formed, separating the Wilds from the outer 1/3 of the continent. At various points around this ring of mountains, narrow canyons formed to allow rivers to continue to flow through. These canyons are treacherous at the best of times. None are passable by boats bigger than canoes. In numerous locations, water falls and dangerous rapids have formed in the canyons as the streams and rivers make their decent from 1000 meters down to the low levels of the coastal regions. This often requires travelers to carry and lift their canoes along dangerous cliffs and ledges to get beyond. Flash floods are frequent and unexpected as rains beyond the mountain ranges cannot be predicted or seen from the civilized outer territories.   There are also a number of higher passes through the mountains that are more passable, but in many ways more dangerous. Bands of monsters frequent these passes. Over time, most of these passes have been blocked by great fortress walls at key choke points. These fortresses are manned constantly by warriors from all the nearby civilized nations, who share in their support. Even in times of hostility between nations, the defense of these fortresses is always given higher priority. As a result, soldiers who were one day fighting against each other on the battlefield, may be fighting side by side the next day against a warband of goblins and gnolls rampaging through the mountain pass.   At either end of the continent, in the far northern edges, the mountain ranges are reduced to low rolling hills. While this does provide easier access to the Inner Wilds, these areas are so far north that they are enveloped in snow and ice for most of the year. Hidden ice trenches and raging blizzards are frequent, making access via these northern edges no less dangerous than the river canyons or the mountain passes.   What is most surprising about the Inner Wilds is how flat the terrain is. While there are sporadic hills and mountains, the vast majority of the plains are fairly flat. The altitude of the flat lands ranges from about 1000 meters at the lower areas around the outer rim of mountains to around 1200 meters in the higher stretches nearer to the Tower of the Sky.   As a result there are many regions where travelers who brave these lands can see for great distances. It is also true that on a clear day, from many places in the Inner Wilds, one can see part or all of the Tower of the Sky. This has given rise to the belief that one can see the Tower from anywhere in the Inner Wilds, when in truth it can be seen from about 60% of the territory.  


The Inner Wilds are primarily inhabited by monsters and wild beasts. More than a few adventurous settlers have tried to make a go of establishing communities beyond the mountains, but virtually none survive more than a year or two. Adventurers who make an expedition beyond the mountains will occasionally come across the decaying remnants of such communities.   What is more likely, however, is that adventurers may happen across the decaying remnants of dead civilizations. The lands that became the Inner Wilds were once home to numerous nations, including Aldis Tre. While many of those cities and towns suffered great damage, few were outright destroyed. Nature has not yet reclaimed all of what they were. And quite a few have become home to other denizens in the mean time.   Many pieces of those former civilizations have been consumed in by the land, either during The Great Fall or in the time since, giving rise to countless dungeons large and small throughout the landscape.   Within the Inner Wilds, nearly anything can be found. Dungeons, monsters, ruined castles, dragons... Just about anything you can imagine lives there. But the followers of The Three strive day and night to keep those things, and true knowledge of them, hidden beyond the mountains and the fortresses that guard them. And more and more people are beginning to question why.


Most of what is known about the Inner Wilds reports is as regions of flat plains interspersed with regions of low rolling hills. There are rumors of a couple of low ranges that could loosely be called mountains, but none of the records can identify where any of these are. Vast forests are also known to be spread throughout the region.   The major feature at the center of the continent is the Tower of the Sky, an enormous mountain that stands alone.

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