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New World Wars

The high elves of nation of Silverstar were greatly hated by the other races of the world. Over time, even many of their own people in more rural areas began to turn against the high elves of the cities of Silverstar. This lead to three Great Wars between the high elves and everyone else on the continent of Ma'urwol. The result of each of these Great Wars were the loss of territory and cities for Silverstar.  

First Great War

The First Great War began in 950 BGF. It started when a force from Aldis Tre moved to build a fortress to control the confluence of two rivers between their kingdoms. The elves of Silverstar took offense at what they deemed an encroachment and attacked the construction site.   The response triggered a nine year war between Silverstar and Aldis Tre. Two years into the conflict, the western kingdom decided to take advantage of the conflict and moved to seize several regions of the western territories of the elven kingdom.   Over the next few years, the wars essentially reached a stalemate point and gains here were usually met with losses elsewhere. Finally, all three kingdoms had taken all they could and the war ended in 941 BGF with declaration of Peace signed in the port city of Artas. The net result was that the elves of Silverstar lost approximately one fifth of their territories to the east and west.  

Second Great War

The second Great War ignited in 834 BGF, when the western kingdom launched an surprise attack on the southwestern port city of Mastuess. The elves were entirely unprepared for the attack, or even another war. The western kingdom of Talaras, seeing the weakness of the elves, moved to take advantage and seized large sections of the elves western lands.   It took nearly two years for the elves to stop the advance of the Talaran armies, but they could not turn the tide and regain their lost territory. The war settled into a sporadic back and forth and for nearly two decades, very little changed.   Then, in 816 BGF, an alliance was signed between Aldis Tre and Talaras. Faced with enemies on all sides, the elves were forced to fall back again and again.   In 809 BGF, the elves were finally able to turn the tide back in their favor thanks to an alliance with the high elves of the "Old World". Ship after ship of elven soldiers arrived on their shores to reinforce the surviving Silverstar armies. Despite these reinforcements, the elves were only able to retake about a quarter of their lost territory before this war also fell into a stalemate on every front.   The Second Great War finally ended in 805 BGF with the signing of the Treaty of Palash. The elves of Silverstar had lost more than half of their territory to Talaras and Aldis Tre.  

The Last Great War

The final great war began in 545 BGF when the elves decided to try and retake their lost territory. They might have found success except for three factors:
  1. The relationship between the elves of Silverstar and the Old World had soured.
  2. The wood elf allies of Talaras and Aldis Tre had spent centuries infiltrating the Silverstar government. As a result, their attack plans were known.
  3. Instead of taking on Talaras and Aldis Tre one at a time, the elves of Silverstar attacked both at the same time.
The last of the three Great Wars ended with the utter destruction of the Silverstar capital city of Kastelosa in 496 BGF. Those surviving high elves were made slaves of the remaining kingdoms. Over time those slaves melded into their captor’s societies and eventually slavery was largely ended. In the present day, some 25% of the population of the continent can claim at least some high elf blood in their heritage. Few, however, care to acknowledge that claim.

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