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Rise of the Ascended

Once the world was dark and full of terror. Nightmares ruled here, strolling our lands, dominating all before them. The old gods forgotten, the primordials long wiped away from our realm, dead or fled. Leaving us mere mortals to our fate in a world they had fumbled and then abandoned. We were small, but with great hearts. Yet we were no match for the things from the darkest realms of reality, the creatures conjured from behind the Aether, from the Void itself. We were tortured, hunted for sport, subjugated. Society ceased to exist. Empires faded, forgotten, technology, lost forever. The very essence of our world, our home, tainted.

However we survived. The children of the chosen survived. Three of man, two of elf, the titan-blooded, the gnomes, the halfmen and the dwarves. All others were twisted and tainted beyond salvation, where once they may have been our equals, they fell, forever broken shells. They fell to temptation. However we clung on, all of our ancestors, waiting, believing!!!

Their faith was rewarded, for nigh on a thousand years after the last primordial fled our realm, when we were little more than tribal nomads huddling and hiding from the terrors and monsters that ruled our home, they came to us. The Ascended, the nine champions whom would end the Sundering. The nine whom would become divine. The nine whom would lead us to freedom!

Sir Kartheart, the bold, the brave, the shield of the Tundra Realms!

Talia, the lady of the Leaves, the mistress of the wylde, for whom plants and animals would bend to serve.

Boran the Bloodhound, master of the hunt, reaver of Nightmares!

Feyheart the wanderer, master of maps, the eternal ministrel!

Varis Tomain, the blessed, the lucky, the foolish, the brave!

Deat-Kra, the time-keeper, the judge, the eternal Justice!

Cormaq Thunderhand, the inventor, the tinkerer, the master at arms!

Captain Black Jeremiah, the sea dog, the privateer, the master of the waves!

Vosana Falconhand, mistress of the clouds, Sun queen, sky-spear!

These nine individuals rallied their kindred and led the first and most whole and holy crusade across Valerick, cleansing the lands, slaying and banishing all horrors and nightmares before them, sealing the tears in reality, and eventually, earning their right and the power to Ascend well beyond our mortal realm, ousting the dead remnants of the old gods, those whom had chosen to ignore and stop care-taking their realm, and took their place. Thus did the age of Reclaimation begin. Thus did civilization as we know it begin.

The mythos of the Ascended is thick throughout Valerick, and is a defining feature in the global culture of the world, even as there are favorites or philosophies drawn in different ways from each of the nine gods. They guide the many views of the world and universe, and it is this legend, and the traits of these nine figures, which ultimately in different combinations for different cultures, explain well...nothing short of the meaning of existence and life. The principles of this long, detailed, and complex shared story, and the principles and moral guidances of each of its principle heroes, are a foundational defining principle in how anyone on Valerick views and establishes their understanding of life and the world around them, and ends up a foundational building block of how they establish their own sense of morality.


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3 Aug, 2023 03:02

This hints at a bunch of rich stories for each of the heroes.

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8 Aug, 2023 14:41

I just started doing the Summer 2023 reading challenge. I'm not reading every entry (that would be insane), but I plan to read every entry on "A myth or truth about the meaning of your universe" prompt and I am intrigued enough to want to know about your world.   https://www.worldanvil.com/w/scarterra-scalenex/a/summer-camp-2023-reading-challenge-article   I too created a world with a nine deity cosmology and am working on a homebrew though mine is based on White Wolf's d10 system rather than Pathfinder's d20.   Your nine ascended sound like a good balance, character wise.

8 Aug, 2023 15:15

Thank you, I had a brief look (intend to look more that's why the follow) at yours and I approve, they have a nice bit of a diverse and balanced feel as well, :) White Wolf's d10 is very interesting, and I am kinda mashing bits of Pathfinder's (specifically 3 action economy I love it), dnd, and kinda drawing some inspiration from Dragon Age and Warhammer fantasy with the idea of professions having a bunch of abilities they have access to, but not level locking the full progression, instead setting some requirements and making some ability trees (so you need x talent to be able to get y talent) but allowing you to pick and choose where and when, within those limits you acquire your 'class' abilities and which ones you bother with, as there is also a general list that can be accessed by anyone of any class (i call them professions) so long as you meet any prerequisites (level perhaps, a base attribute of x or more, or needing a different talent first that sort of thing.)   Homebrewing is a good partner for worldbuilding, really helps bring roleplay to life so long as you can get groups willing to try new things :D

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