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Very little is known about Sharkolen's early history. Some believe he was a mortal in a previous age whose hunger for power and vengeance drove him to become a spirit. There are many theories regarding his early heritage, but the most accepted is that he was one of the early Shola, the people who inhabited Ayeshastra before it was Ayeshastra who were betrayed by the spirits and devs What is known is that Sharkolen has been vying for dev destruction for centuries. Whenever there has been a crisis within the dev empire, Sharkolen has somehow been involved. As a spirit Sharkolen cannot affect the physical plane on his own. Thus he operates through familiars, dev betrayers who swore to serve him and received power from doing so. Sharkolen and his familiars at one point had created so much dissention within the empire through infiltrating the warrior caste, that it felt like the end of Ayeshastra and the empire was near. Fortunately, a new wave of protectors was rising that were driven by an honorable code of ethics. When Sharkolen discovered the source of this to be the spirit Shupram and the city of Kayumna, he sent his familiars to infiltrate them as well. Sharkolen attempted to destroy Shupram and take his power for himself, but had underestimated the guadian of this little city. Sharkolen was captured by Shupram and has been a prisoner of his since. However, Sharkolen's devotees went into hiding, and as part of their devotion, continued recruiting others by teaching them the magic practices of Sharkolen. Though Shupram has contained Sharkolen for almost a century, Sharkolen's devotees are always scheming to release him.


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