Because spirits are often unable to directly affect the physical world, they sometimes operate through familiars. Spirits invest a portion of their power into a willing devotee, gifting them with a supernatural ability that is reminiscent of themselves. Familiars of Simha for example, the lion spirit of war, have superior physical strength. In return, these familiars act on the spirits interests with fervor. Spirits can have multiple familiars if they are powerful enough. Sharkolen is said to have one hundred familiars at any given time. To become a familiar is a life changing decision that can rarely be undone without the spirit's permission. The temptation for power at all costs is greater during times of weakness. For some, becoming a familiar gives them purpose. For others, it a mistake that they cannot undo as it is dangerous for familiars to disobey their master. Some familiars become so alike their host spirit that their lose their own personalities.