Onimuris of Adijari


Nobility is not a trait often attributed to rhakshasas . How could it be when the very act of a dev becoming a rhakshasa requires killing a fellow dev. Even in the case of becoming an onimuri where the dushkrivya requires willing sacrifices, the reasons why they are willing should always be suspect. That said, some Onimuri do appear to be honorable. Onimuri rhakshasas are bone white. They have a large black sphere where their third eye chakra is. This pearl absorbs light energy and in particular the life energy of devs who stare at it. Devs who gaze at the sphere can feel their life energy slowly slipping away, but are also hypnotized enough by it that it is difficult to look away. This energy is absorbed and stored by the Onimuri. They can be up to twelve feet tall and range from being broad to very fat. Onimuri are incredibly strong and surprisingly fast as well. They carry gargantuan blunt weapons- no need for an edge weapon when the swinging weight of a blunt weapon is enough to crush and obstacle. Though they are few in comparison to the other tribes, some are the mightiest rhakshasas to have ever lived.   An Onimuri will enter into an arrangements with a towns or villages that struggles to protect itself. Often these are asuras towns. In exchange for protection, the people of the village have their people take turns visiting their Onimuri to stare into his sphere, thus giving their life energy to the Onimuri. The Onimuri does not only maintain his own life this way but becomes stronger from it, making them a more effective guardian. Sometimes this is tyranny, where an Onimuri takes advantage of a weak village by threatening them to make this arrangement with them. In other cases though, it is how some settlements survive. Because asuras have little to no magical aptitude themselves, relying on a great and powerful Onimuri is the the only reliable means of defense.   I must say, that after witnessing the vileness in the other rhakshasa tribes that are motivated by rage, greed, violence and deception, I was not ready to discover even the few that are driven by protection.


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