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The elephant-lahk are a majestic people. Their height ranges from seven to ten feet, making them one of the larger people of Adijari, as well as one that is naturally strong. They prefer to live in flat plains which is where they built their settlements. One such settlement is Gaja , one of the oldest nations of Adijari that is the birthplace of elephant-lahk culture. They are known for their great minds, particularly their ability to retain vast amounts of information. Because of this combination of strength and mental fortitude, many have found reputable standings in societies throughout Adijari in positions of authority.

Elephant Magic

They have the ability to hone their sensory when it comes to absorbing information without distractions. Say there is a crowded room of people talking. Elephant-lahks can hear everyone, but choose which voice to listen to. This great ability to discern information makes them hyper aware of their surroundings at all times. They might make great spies if not for their size and the general awareness of this ability. They are able to detect the presence of magic when others can't. They can even detect spirits, although they do not necessarily know more about the spirit aside from it's presence, or how to summon them without more information. Aside from their abilities in gathering information, they are also gifted in their ability to retain information. As walking encyclopedias, many have learnt long complicated spells. This can include spells that they do not even know how to cast, but which make them invaluable to those who can but lack the ability to memorize the particulars of the spell.

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