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The Gehennian gate.

" The gehennian gate is mankinds greatest monument in defiance of the breaker. It exists at the forefront of the rift, ready to counter the influence and the breakers threat whenever he comes."   Aiden Tallorann. speaking about the gehennian gate
  The gehennian gate is the name given to the expanse of human and The Alliance settled space around The great rift, a gigantic Void fissures measuring almost fourty thousand light years across. Being the region with the highest chance of getting hit by large scale demonic invasions, this region has been transformed into an unbreakable chain of heavily fortified planets, moons, planetoids and other celestial bodies


" As i stepped forward from the opening of the dock door, i could see a gigantic purple scar across the sky, bleeding its ichor like a wound. It seemed to stretch forever and threatened to consume everything in its path. At that moment, i knew that we were at deaths door."
  The gehennian gate is a wide sector of space and contains planets from freezing , arctic wastes to fiery volcanic hellholes and everything in between. The five major planets of the Gehennian gate are inhabited by large numbers of humans however, despite the toughness one has to have in order to endure them.
Galactic Sector

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