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Fire fell from the heavens, striking down Mozni. As she lay there, the sound of discordant metallic wind chimes became audible, and a figure rose from the horizon- a six-winged beige construct with a glaive in its hand, a wreath of fire circling around its head as a halo. Yxvaa picked her up and held her in his hand as Rachel stood between the party and the monster before them.   "Lahatiel. Marielle won't be far behind. Watch out," she said.
— The party's first encounter with Lahatiel

Lahatiel is a holy construct of the cult-god Panahon who serves as one of the admins of Eureka. They were created by Marielle in an experiment with a Time Feather.



Lahatiel was once known as Marielle's lover, but she betrayed them when she came back from the Errant Edge with a Time Feather. She used the feather to transform the young teen into a metallic construct that followed her every whim. Since then, Marielle has used Lahatiel to show off her power and aid her in intimidation tactics, amongst other things.


Physical Description

Lahatiel is a large, "humanoid" figure made out of skin-coloured metallic pieces that float separately but together to make up their form. A white, horizontal halo-mask covers where their eyes would be if they were human, shining brightly. Around their floating head and jaw, a circular halo of red-orange flames crackles and blazes.

Between the halves of their torso sits the Time Feather that transformed them, dried blood still on the pinion. Thin rings separate the arms from the torso, also glowing white like their halo-mask. Their hands are separate from their thin, wafer-like fingers, all separate from each other but staying together due to some complicated magnetics, assumedly.

Six wings cover Lahatiel under their idle circumstances. They're white on the outside with red tips, but light beige on the inside. Two cover their face, two cover the front of their torso, and the last two mask their feet. When Lahatiel is asked to fight or inflict judgement, they open their wings to reveal themselves fully to their opponents, attacking with their holy fire or their glaive.


Personality Description

Lahatiel largely doesn't show proof of a personality all their own. They follow Marielle's orders without question, following through on good and evil tasks alike without hesitation. Some have even gone so far as to call them completely mindless, but in rare cases when left alone, Lahatiel has acted of their own accord, usually in a non-violent manner.


Supernatural Abilities

While most haven't seen Lahatiel fight and survive to tell the tale, it can be seen that their existence in and of itself is a miracle of engineering, being a living piece of machinery. Besides that fact, Lahatiel can hover off of the ground (and refuses to touch it), fly high and fast in the air, strike with the force of ten men, heat metal, use fire to "cleanse sins" and heal the injured, radiate large amounts of light, dispel dark auras and shadows, calm those around them, and even turn fallen comrades into lesser angels for a time.

Lahatiel, unless specifically told to avoid killing specific persons, has no way to distinguish friend from foe and thus tends to kill much more than they have to or more than Marielle originally intended for them.


Place in Society

Lahatiel serves directly as Marielle's "long arm of the law", often being the one to fetch those that speak out against her within her own city and eliminate them. Lahatiel is respected by Eureka's populace, being revered separately as a demigod of righteous authority, purification, and justice. Small shrines have been placed around Keiman City, often consisting of a brazier and a bell, while store owners hang wind chimes to deter thieves.

Lahatiel (Without Wings) by Drake
Full Name
█████████ ███████████
Demigod of Retribution, Demigod of Purification
Marquess' Commissionaire, The Silent Crusade, Almighty Adversary
Angel (Panahon)
Current Residence
Keiman City
Sexual / Romantic Orientation
8' 4"

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