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1st Day, 1st Decade, 5th Month, Year 60, 3rd Age

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Acate is a temperate, moderately-sized planet inhabited by a great variety of sentient species, most of which are quite religious. There is a single pantheon that is worshipped across the land, with several altered variations of the main deities abound. Stringent cults around smaller, but powerful beings are also common in more rural locations. Three moons hang overhead in the sky, and at least one of the three is always visible.   One particular cult bird-deity has swept over the land, leaving behind a trail of powerful feathers that grant the wielder incredible power over time. Whilst one faction seeks to lock these artefacts away for safekeeping, another wishes to use them to subjugate the races of Acate for personal gain.   During the first Age, a meteor fell from the sky and shattered on the planet's surface, leaving behind a deep scar. The impact spread the crystals that made up the meteor all around the the planet, and a magical fallout occurred, warping and altering many of the species and landscapes already on the planet. It has since been seen that each crystal contains powerful, magical energy, never before seen on Acate. Perhaps the remote impact site can garner clues, but a religious group has prevented anyone from going there as they regard it as a sacred site.