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The Loss of the Youngest Grace

Once Euphalia Grace, in her mortal form, was killed the night after her birthday celebration, the news was held close to the royals for around a month. Such tragedy has not happened in many centuries for the Grace family, with it's occurrence, there hadn't been anything in place. After a brief moment to mourn and build up composure, one of the other princesses, being Olivia Grace, her killer, would have to make the announcement of her unexpected death. Taking a stand upon a bastion of the Graceswift's castle, she had used a item of magical origin to boom her voice across the settlement, for all to hear of the devastating news. In truth, she had no care for the announcement. A murderer having to announce the death of her victim seemed quite ironic to her. What is even less human of the noble than her humorous reaction to the horror, was why she did so in the first place. She was furious with the attention given to Euphalia for her beauty, and that spite turned into the plotting, and eventually enact the killing of her own younger sister. She was aided by her fellow sister, Rowan Grace, and had managed to cause Elana to break down into silence out of fear that she may be next. Her announcement was swift, as was her exit back into the castle walls, along with her family, both close and extended. The Kingdom of Graceswift was never the same since then. 
   The devastating news had shook all of Graceswift, as her voice boomed across all of the kingdom, many that were fans of her charitable causes broke down in despair. Many services were held afterwards in honour of the Princess. Ashen Griffin would be flown in the air, with decorative armour made in the colours of her usual attire. They were led by her sister, one of the ones that did not know of Olivia's evil actions, and held the service in her honour. Moira Grace was about to return to her studies, before knowing of the actions. Euphalia was a healthy noble, more healthy than anybody else. She knew something wrong must've happened, and after some of her own investigating, she managed to find out about the work of Olivia, her poisoning, and that she had no care over her younger sister. With this, she had went off to The Bog of Colmar , never to return unless completely necessary. 
Decree, Governmental
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth
Authoring Date
7th of the 6th, 4 FL


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