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"I see the light! It burns!"  
- Rune-Eyes victim, moments before death.
  The Rune-Eyes are a condition that affects humans from subterranean locations, especially ones with a high output of magic. The affliction often gives other, minor conditions, a degree of blindness being most common. In general terms, Rune-Eyes is an affliction only caused by those who were descendants to any form of magic user, similar in vein to a sorcerer. Rune-Eyes are often found as siblings to Sorcerers, especially to ones with heritage tied to more evil sources. Those who have this condition are often shunned from society, and are considered as warnings to evil. In one instance, a group of bandits had disbanded due to the leader's daughter having been born with Rune Eyes. They saw it as a bad omen, regardless of what the leader told them. No so coincidentally, the leader had managed to get them all killed for their distaste to his daughter. Rune-Eyes themselves does not hold too many issues for one's life, in a negative approach. In fact, those who have gone through traumatic experiences are gifted with extreme insight, and the ability to see through disguises, of magical origin, as well as being able to see magic in general.
  Physically, the Rune-Eyes causes two changes to the body of the person afflicted with it. Firstly, it causes a decolouration, similar in colour to the person's hair, in the surrounding skin of the eyes, as well as forming lines that usually go down to where their lips begin. Secondarily, Rune-Eyes cause the pupils of the afflicted person to go blank, often resulting in the blurred vision of the person afflicted with Rune Eyes. Although other forms of issues that it has caused includes colour-blindness and double vision. It is unknown as to why the first affliction is apparent within cases of Rune-Eyes, and it is the definitive symptom due to how bizarre it is. Being able to see magic through this takes quite a lot of strength, as well as willpower and a dedication to the art of overseeing magical auras. Many people who find others with Rune-Eyes within powerful positions can understand that they have been able to detect magical properties at will, and have probably used that as leverage to grow in societies. Sometimes they are hunted for sport by Sorcerers who see them as wasted potential, but this is very rare. The most common places to find people afflicted with Rune-Eyes would be deep below the surfaces of the planets in Abholos. In areas like Old Tortvain, or Chthonia, are the easiest places to find people with Rune-Eyes.
  Clerics from orders of light are quite found of Rune-Eyes, especially ones with evil intentions. These clerics, sometimes, claim that they have a cure to this condition, being in the form of a spellcasting focus being projected into the person with Rune-Eyes' eyes. This is done secretly, as most of the time it causes a burning sensation, followed by divine light incinerating the person with Rune-Eyes. Deities have been blamed for this, with a considerable amount of blame going to Sol , who has had nothing to do with the actions. Some also believe that it could be done by the toying of a powerful lich who has surmounted to a hero-deity position, tempting Clerics into causing these horrific actions. There are few, however, that live amongst the surface, specifically with the aid of The Spirit Hunters , who offer them protection with their masks. They are even more welcome due to the magical properties that can be seen by those with Rune-Eyes. Enemies of the hunters are unable to hide their magic, especially the Stitchers and Necromancers of Lydgartha. 
One notable place where Rune-Eyes is common is Old Tortvain City , specifically in the inhabited citadel that had broken off from the capital and it's fortress long ago. As the ancestors to basically everybody in the Citadel are from powerful beings that fought off dragons and the cold, quite a lot of people within the society have Rune-Eyes, which is seen as a mixed omen, depending on who you ask. Darcy Atkinson is an example of a good omen, seen to most eyes. She hides her Rune-Eyes, however, by pretending to be Plagueborn. Another person afflicted with Rune-Eyes is Gaius, of unknown origin, who lives upon the surface of Aitso, one of the few who show his face wilfully. 


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23 Aug, 2023 14:06

An interesting affliction... but I've got lots of questions! Is this something that only appears at birth? Or can somebody acquire this condition later in life? If so, what could trigger this? You hint at "seeing magic" as the hidden advantage to the condition, which I guess is important since everyone is apparently out to get you if you've got it.

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