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The Furies

It must have been a cruel joke of nature that gave old Venris his daughters. I doubt there has ever been a brood of similar ruthless brilliance.
— Amelian IV., Emperor and Archivar
  Perhaps the greatest weakness of any monarchy is the question of succession. All too often have entire centuries of development been undone by the circumstance that the wrong child sat on the throne. In the early 30th century, the Severan Dynasty faced an equally as fatal problem: three heirs as ambitious as they were capable.  

A Good King

The Severans were a thriving family when they entered the 30th century of the Dawn Age. Since coming to power over 250 years earlier, the Dynasty had grown in size, prosperity and above all power. Venris II. had ruled for three decades and the birth of three daughters secured succession. Few could have dreamed that these three girls would eventually change not only the continent but set in motion the very end of the Severan Dynasty.

Three Devils

  Alexiana the Iron (2906 - 2937 DA)  
Born in 2906 DA, Alexiana was the first of the three sisters in many aspects. A giant in terms of height, she stood nearly two heads higher than most others which combined with her long legs and arms is said to have given her a gait that was equal parts entrancing and unsettling. Her sharp face, framed usually by long silver-grey hair, is said to have held a bewitching beauty, especially her eyes of sparkling light blue.   Her presence was said to have been even more towering than her stature, the sheer aura of confidence and domination given off by her enough to make even seasoned warriors bow. Out of the three she was perhaps the coldest, with a personality that often bordered on cruel and seemed to take satisfaction in domineering others.   Having taken part in the kingdom's administration since the age of 12, Alexiana quickly rose to become the most potent force within its border. Supported both by army and bureaucracy she faced no challenge when taking the throne in 2921. While married two times, she never had any children. Going by rumours this would not have surprised those knowing her for Alexiana was said to have preferred female company in her personal quarters.
  Maria the Silent (2907 - 2963 DA)  
The middle sister is often held as the most infamous of the three, something that would have greatly confused those having met her as a child. In sharp contrast to her sisters, Maria was always a quiet and reserved girl. Someone that you would never notice unless she wanted to. Even during official events she was rarely seen engaging with others. A quality that remained consistent throughout her life and earned her the description of "being akin to a grey blur, always at the edge of notice."   A description only reinforced by her looks. Her features, while beautiful, did not stand out, especially when compared to the more exotic looks of her sisters. Like her father, Maria was of average height with round features and long brown hair. Her eyes were perhaps her most stand-out feature, her father's stormy grey but with a harshness that could make even seasoned veterans shiver.   While not as open in her rise as Alexiana, Maria did grow a major base of power of her own, being especially favoured by the Acie, the Severan's secret police. After vanquishing bother her sisters in a major civil war, Maria would rise to become Empress of the Fourth Hegemony. Styling herself Maria the Red, she would shape the continent of Vardania for a further 25 years.
  Luciana the Mad (2909 - 2937)  
Last but certainly not least, the youngest and wildest of the Furies. A manic ball of energy at the best of times, Lucia threw herself into the martial arts, becoming a capable fighter with and without weapons. Once old enough to go on campaign, her willingness to lead from the front and sheer aggressiveness made her the favourite of the army eventually leading to her amassing enough power to challenge her older sisters in the War of the Furies.   About as tall as Maria, Lucia stood apart from her sisters with a much slimmer and muscled body while sharing both the sharp features of Alexiana and her mother's dull grey hair. Her eyes were of a slighter darker blue than those of the oldest sister and are said to have held an "inherent viciousness" even in times of happiness or contentment.   With increasing martial engagement, Lucia seemed to develop an increasing lust for violence and bloodletting. Gladiatorial games were mandatory entertainment wherever the youngest Fury resided and according to some sources, she regularly took part in them herself. On campaign, Lucia was known to hunt for every possible battle and to have any enemies captured engage in bloody fights.

Shared Power

Following her ascension in 2921 DA, Alexiana quickly raised her two younger sisters to the purple, a decision that has confused many, but becomes clearer once looked at more closely. By then, Maria had become too much of a force to simply remove or ignore, making co-rule a simple necessity while Lucia acted as a counter to them both.   That the three were not at all like their kind-hearted became clear pretty quickly. A series of purges accompanied by a complete restructuring of the state saw every possible threat to the new triumvirate either removed or restrained. By 2924 DA, the Kingdom was utterly in the Furies' grasp. Just in time for foreign opportunity to arise.
There had risen a powerful nation with energetic, ambitious, and ruthless rulers while the rest of northern Vardania fell to instability and civil war. The prey was tearing itself apart as the predator approached.
— Feran Archivar Rodrik Almanes
Circumstances of Death
Aedes Ceranis
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
The Name  
Creatures of both Vardanian and Thenian myth, the Furies are said to have been three sisters who after stealing from the gods were turned into terrifying monsters duty bound to haunt anyone incurring heaven's wrath. Their description seemed to fit a little too well with the way Venris' daughters developed. Since the early days, the three were declared Furies in whispered tones, a name that eventually spread across Vardania and time itself.
Hellish is the fate of those who incur their wrath.
— Thenian Writer Efanokles
  Mother and Father  
That children do not always come after their parents is perhaps best demonstrated with the Furies. Venris II. and Flavia Venia were by all available accounts pleasant people willing to forgive even grave insults and in constant care for the realm and its people. A prominent account states that there was a noticeable coldness when the Furies took over. "As if a northern wind had ripped all warmth and mercy from the land."
  Sisterly Love  
Relations between the three are perhaps best described as "friendly hostility". Differences in both personality and interest saw the three regularly either avoid one another or clash viciously to the point that their later cooperation seemed to many like a fever dream. Nevertheless, when it came to running and expanding their kingdom, the Furies showed a remarkable ability to work together. Vicious arguments were still a norm, but from 2921 till 2932 DA the three cooperated without issue, facilitating the rise of their eventual downfall in the emerging Fourth Hegemony.

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Cover image: by Dominik Mayer


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