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Brightflame Hour

Would you stop with this nonsense, Vendrik? I thought you didn't believe in gods?
I know! I know! I don't! I never did! But look at this! How could this be caused by anything else? Half of this damned continent is gone!
— Vendrik Hegaren and Alleus Kermakis

Final Report on the Catastrophe in Anidara

  ...After over a year of research and inquiry, we have finally been able to form a comprehensive report on the damages, resulting from the catastrophe dubbed the Brightflame Hour. Take note that the following list is vague in certain places, as most sources are either lost or too old to accurately depict the situation, before the cataclysm.   Based on available sources we can conclude that the Brightflame Hour resulted in:  
  • the death of over 900.000 individuals (median value as sources on the population numbers in affected areas vary widely)
  • the loss of tens of thousands of square kilometres of land in western Anidara
  • the loss of hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of arable land due to contamination by ashfall
  • the loss of nearly all Rodite producing areas in the known world
  • the loss of half of all Kerin, Oranak and Meltil producing areas
  • the loss of one-third of lands used for Para and Bitterleaf farming
  The kingdoms (Shadoms in the local language) of Akria, Hamara and Pujarat have been either completely or mostly annihilated. Furthermore, the event has made the entire region known as the Western Highlands unstable. Earthquakes have repeatedly shaken the region, sinkholes and ravines can open up without warning, other parts have been flooded or turned into swamps. The Sassanian Empire has finally collapsed as a result. Refugees, concrete numbers are unavailable but we estimate several hundred thousand, are flooding east unto the Onadaran Reach. Reports of violence and conflict are already reaching our agents there. If the states of the region can deal with the matter is yet to be seen.   For Anidara we predict a large scale famine, as most of its arable land is contaminated. Deaths resulting from Rodite and Meltil poisoning will rise drastically in the next few years. The political situation will remain unstable in the foreseeable future. Trade with Anidara will decrease severely over the next few years. Import of chemicals, medicine, textiles, spices and luxury crops will become increasingly expensive, in turn weakening Vardanian trade cities and straining the Hegemony's economy. Exports toward Anidara will largely cease and we can expect a loss of several million denar a year...
Are you people blind? The gods have spoken! The decadent nations and cities of the south, these people that whored themselves to the Scetians and Vardanians. They are gone! Annihilated by the divine hammer of justice! Ahzaris has spoken! She the five-faced god, has punished us, yes. But those that remain are offered a choice. Repent ignorant fools! Repent and escape the wrath of the Starborn Maiden!
— Priest of the Ahzari Faith
by Darkseid
Report, Incident
Signatories (Characters)
The Rhodine Reach   From the city of Cetara in the west to the citadel of Bastor in the east, the Rodine Reach stretches. A region rich in minerals and fertile earth. Endless veins of some of the most valuable ores in the known world run underground and the soil above is perfect for all manner of spices and cash crops.   The region has been rather underdeveloped and poor for most of its history. Rather than attempt the complex and costly mining operations themselves, the rulers of the area sold digging and farming rights to various foreign merchant guilds and leagues. The kingdoms provided needed manpower, the leagues mined and paid monthly or yearly fees as well as taxes.   A profitable arrangement that lasted until the last day of 3199 DA.

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Cover image: by Adrien Lambert


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8 Dec, 2019 23:28

Wow, what a disaster. You did a great job really showing the scale of this thing. Reminds me of a magical nuclear meltdown or something.   I will admit I couldn't help but wonder why their expedition didn't bring any protective gear. Even something to cover their face so they weren't breathing that ash.   Also wondering if they'll have any long term health effects from this.

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
9 Dec, 2019 00:16

First off, thank you very much for the like and follow!   Second, except for simply cloth they out over nose and mouth they don't have any protective gear. They also had no real idea of the full extend of the ash storms until they had come near the affected area.   Lastly that may or may not follow in another article. Probably in the next few days.

9 Dec, 2019 00:31

This is an awesome article! The slow exploration into just how much damage was done by the event was great. Is there any sort of toxic fallout from the event, like say from the Rodite or something?   The only little thing I noticed was the opening quote of the article, it's a little bit difficult to tell that it's two people talking at first. Though, once you read the whole quote it's clear! Maybe just putting another line break in there, or italicizing one person's dialogue?

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
9 Dec, 2019 00:48

Thank you very much! Yes there is. I mentioned the contaminated ash clouds/ ashfall once or twice in the article and gonna expand on it a bit in a following article. (its not gonna be pretty)   As for the opening quote, if I add another line break, the gap between the lines is gonna be overly large and italicizing dialouge in a quote makes it appear in bold letters for some reason. Not the ideal solution atm but it works somewhat.

9 Dec, 2019 01:11

Ah! Yes I read the ashfall part, but for some reason my mind just kept thinking of like, nuclear fallout, even though thats an entirely different sort of disaster haha. Looking forward to seeing what gets expanded upon though.   Also, that makes sense for the opening quote then! Definitely still works as it is.

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
10 Dec, 2019 05:18

Is there an article on the disaster itself yet, or just this incredibly ominous document?   also, what are Rodite, Kerin, Oranak, and Meltil?