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Written by SoulLink
This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
  There are a few generator utilities which support the other three components. We can use these utilities in templates, string generators and transformer routers.

Generator Variables

  For each generator, router, and simple template, the system creates a variable and stores the output of that entity. The last section of the BBCode defines the name of that variable.  
  What value each variable has and which variables are available can be checked within the developer data section on the public page of the random generator.

Generator Variable Setter

[gensetvar:{"fixed-species":"Human "}]
  You can set a variable to a specific key-value pair.

Dice Generator

A quick generator to simulate a die roll. It can produce a numeric output based on roll output. The dice generator can roll and sided dice and add or subtract a modifier or an additional dice roll. The patter is always XdY+-Z where X and Y are numbers and Z is a number or another dice expression. The dice pool can also drop the lowest roll, which is commonly used in D&D and Pathfinder attribute rolls with -L or drop the highest with +L.  

Variable Check

The variable check reads the content of a variable and prints its content or not depending on the check made.  
  • Empty: Print content if the variable does not exist.
    [check:empty|variable-name] CONTENT [/check]
  • Exist: Print content if the variable exists.
    [check:exists|variable-name] CONTENT [/check]

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