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Everyone loves Aderines. She is powerful, beautiful and respected. She speaks to everyones heart and understands our issues so well. We could not wish for a better leader than her.
— A dryad of the clan.
  Aderines is beloved by her people for her leadership and achievements. She has been crucial in establishing the Wilderness Federation and negotiate with the New York Government. Her political career is impressive as she advanced to higher offices every chance she could, always in the executive. Her current position as the Hierarch of the Federation is likely the end of her climb though as there really isn't a higher office.


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She has great relations with all the members of her grove. She is known to cultivate relationships with all the important dryads within the High Peaks Wilderness. This has helped her greatly to not only maintain her political power, but also expand it and get what she needs. At the same time she views these relationships as something useful and does not have any true friends she just hangs out with.   With non-dryads she has rarely more contact than necessary. She of course maintains relationships that are useful to the federation, the wilderness or her grove. However, she has always an ulterious motive when she becomes closer to someone. The exception to this is Jemma Galloway. She greatly respects and admires the Archdruid for her work and her achievements for the Adirondack communities.

Public Interest

Many New Yorkers are aware of her work as the Hierarch in the Federation and to ensure peace in the region. She has given a number of high profile interviews and was awarded the title Paragorn of Harmony at the Annual World Peace & Harmony Conference in 2019. Several authors have approached her with the idea of writing and publishing her biography, but she has declined so far. Not because this isn't something that she didn't want, but more because it would be better for her image if a dryad author wrote her biography.
Species (Ancestry)
Dryad (Fanleaf hawthorn)
Ivurok Grove
Year of Birth

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