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Legacy and Rebellion

Dawn was the last and most controversial addition to The Three Colonies. The colony of Autumn was where we made planet-fall, Juliet was founded due to a need of shelter and industry for the rising population, but Dawn was founded in secret, an oath of rebellion taken by children.   At the center of the colony sits a bronze statue of four youths standing in a circle. Each holds a hand above their head, the hands clasped together to indicate their bond, and their expressions somewhere between joy and pain.   A plaque on the base of the statue reads "The Wayfarers of Dawn." They were the first Wayfarers and used what would become the colony of Dawn as their base of operations, a place to train, and a haven when Safeharbor branded them criminals.

The Colony

Dawn is located in a series of tunnels under the surface of Safeharbor. The bronze statue marks the location of its entrance. The colony was founded before the The Battle of The Pillars and The First War , but wouldnt be recognized till after.     The wayfarers became heroes during the war, and others sought to join them. This is where they trained. The unique purpose of the colony makes it more like a military base than a colony.   There is little in the way of commerce, or recreation. The entire colony consists of training facilities, docks, armories, and barracks. Several surface structures have been repurposed as classrooms, and a single dry dock of Caydie's Cradle was used to produce Persephone class frigates, the only vessel used by wayfarers.

The First Wayfarers

Styx, Lethe, Joker, and roach, these four names are well known to all wayfarers. As children, some of the first born on Safeharbor, they came to a secluded part of the planet wide city. They talked of finding the earth, of raising humanity to its former glory.   They started using more devious methods as they aged. They stole secrets, sowed dissent, and on occasion, attacked officials. This gave them notoriety, and there were plenty who shared in their dream.   They set up The Pulse to communicate to all wayfarers and to spread their message. The rebellious youths were cast as villains by the government of Safeharbor. Some were cast out as pariahs, jailed, or in the case of Simon "Joker" Myers, executed.

The First War

Few could have predicted just how skilled the Wayfarers were. They managed to get into space before anyone else on the planet. They knew how to fight, how to survive, and how to thrive.   When The Battle of The Pillars took place, they were given a clean slate in return for their aid. They operated on the fringe, far from any battle. They worked in special operations, assassinations, and even counter intelligence.   When the war ended, they were no longer villains, but heroes. A bronze statue was carved by Lethe in memory of her fallen comrades, and erected to mark the entrance to a new colony.

What's in a name?

Naming Dawn occurred well after its founding. The name is meant to symbolize the hope wayfarers have for their goals, but also the dawn of a new chapter in the life of humanity.   Dawn was a refuge for fugitives before the battle of the Pillars. The wayfarers were criminals in the eyes of Safeharbor's government. When they were officially accepted, they were allowed to grow   Homebound actively takes care of the colony, many of which being among the first of the wayfarers. Since they never leave the planet, they take it upon themselves to protect and ensure prosperity for the colony.

The second wave

the next wave of wayfarers came soon after. As new facilities were set up, the youth of Safeharbor flocked to take advantage. They studied under those who came before, many of the first wayfarers having retired with children of their own.   Currently, their are 500 wayfarers in service. This number varies as days go by. They have mapped much of Sepia and continue their efforts in exploration on the edge of known space.   Many grew up in the worst of times, some orphaned in the first war. They strive for a better tomorrow, knowing we are on the brink of extinction. They are the best of us, the last hope we have to rise above this dark age.

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(I'm combining my comments for this article and the Time article here as there weren't any errors in need of commenting about.)   Both of your articles' content is completely dwarfed by the length of the quotes opening/closing the article. It feels like the quotes should be shorter, but it'd also probably be difficult to shorten them to a reasonable length considering the intent. Anyway, still great articles that were engaging to read.

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Thanks you kind sir! I like the Eden too, even if they are a bit strange. I'm excited to explore a bit more with Argus being raised by Eden, particularly how it works in terms of religion. We shall see. Thank you so much.

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Considering how important touch is to humans currently, it always fascinates me that things have changed in your future. Really interesting article.

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Oooo thank you! I'll fix those up. The story doesn't connect to much to dawn other than it taking place in Dawn, as that's where her quarters are, but I had this written and didnt have much elsewhere to put it, though I might put it on an article concerning Eden culture.   The bulk is underground, yes, though recently structures on the surface are getting more use. They have berths in Dawn but caydie's Cradle has a drydock that produces ships only. It doesnt house them as it were. Usually, a vessel will remain in orbit while shuttles go down to the planet below. I'll make this more clear. It is very much skin deep, I mean they do have the same physiological characteristics but they often filter out undesirable things like faulty genetic engineering. They could technically do this to humans too but feel it would rob them of their current identity, so have yet to offer.   The matriarchal Eden do share some Vulcan similarities... that was unintentional lol they do have alot of agency over the lives of those in the matriarchy but in this case, it was diavae who proposed adoption. Also consider she is actively speaking argus' language, a second language. She wont speak it as naturally, though that could be made more clear... I'll work on that. You're absolutely right though. They are more logical and cold and aloof. Definitely not used to expressing themselves to other species. Even an adopted daughter.     Ooo so the mark of Eden has yet to be explained. A universal quality of the Eden is their blood, regardless of the form they take. Its black, and penetrates the skin of many species. it's often used similar to how humans would use the blood brothers trope. Polyamorous battle groups will often mark each other in this way, and every Eden can recognize their own mark.   In the matriarchy, exclusively, the mark is considered a respectable trait when found on other species as theyve been in the presence of an injured eden, or maybe even caused an Eden to bleed, thus is deserving of respect as both occasions are very rare.     Glad you enjoyed it. I'll be delving more into argus' upbringing and the Eden culture soon. I'm quite excited about it thanks so much!

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You have done it again. Made me all emotional. The story itself is so beautiful, and although horrible things have happened, there is always this sense of hope. I also love that Argus was raised by an Eden. Even though they are so different from humans, in some ways they are like us.

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This article feels so hopeful and also so sad. I'm guessing Styx and Roach died in The First War? The Wayfarers didn't have such great methods, but hopefully those are different now. Great work.

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Styx and Lethe are still around, though they tend to stay away if they can. Theres some bad blood there. The methods have changed in many ways but wayfarers still embody rebellion to most. Thanks so much. I'll have to dig and find some articles to pay you back with. You have spoiled me today!

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