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Ode to the red leaves...

The colony of Autumn is our pride and joy. It's the only place on the planet where you find human architecture. The arks were torn apart, each piece designed to refit when on the surface. Autumn is my home, and I like to think of it as the best of the three colonies.   The colony is centered around a large stone building, a government complex built by the species we replaced. The planet wide city of Safeharbor seems built around this structure, as all roads lead to it, and it's the only place on the planet where the dirt underfoot isn't piled over a metal foundation.   Named after the colors found in the flora that grows across the entire planet, Autumn holds a population of one to two thousand and is the first colony we settled. This colony is the capital of Safeharbor, and is where we center our government and our education system.  

The Archive

The archive of Safeharbor sits on a hill just outside of the colony. Here, I study massive amounts of data in relative secrecy. The archives are closed to the public, though one can request an audience with me at any time. I even permit a lucky few to come and go as they please. Caydie Kines, the daughter of autumn's governor, routinely crept into the archives before her death. She was a dear friend, and routinely assisted in my search. Being The Archivist of Safeharbor was less lonely back then.   I recover technology and culture lost to the ages from data originating from earth, as well as the species that built this planet wide city. Everything from books and music to blueprints for voidcraft have been found in my search.        


Safeharbor is a democratic planet. Every citizen has a voice. We enjoy many freedoms, including free speech, press, religion, and other basic rights. Each colony is represented by a governor, the elders of Safeharbor. These are elected officials, often earthborn, who handle the infrastructure of their respective colonies, but not their legislative or executive processes.   While the elders have little to do with legislation, they campaign in an attempt to sway voters, pleading their case when advocating for a particular outcome. Voters from each colony travel to Autumn to make their voice known in bimonthly "seasons," each season having its own issues to be voted on. Safeharbor has few laws and next to no way to enforce those laws. There are a select few tasked with keeping the peace, usually Wayfarers from Homebound.   The Wayfarers' authority is purely based on their reputation outside of the colony of Dawn. Of course, most citizens are well-behaved to begin with. The occasional crime is investigated diligently, and it's rare for the wayfarers to fail in solving the crime. The planet wide surveillance system has proved invaluable, It's so much more effective when most citizens fail to notice it exists.


The only people that live in Autumn are those who have business there. Educators, students, soldiers, merchants, and government officials make up the bulk of its population. It's roughly 15 kilometers away from the colony of Juliet, and another 15km from Dawn.   Between trade, education, voting, and The Archives, almost every human living on Safeharbor passes through Autumn multiple times throughout the year. The engineers of Autumn established the tramway system, an unreliable and likely unsafe analogue to trains allowing travel between colonies.   Both Dawn and Juliet rely on Autumn for education and trade. There is little in the way of infighting between the three colonies since The Battle of The Pillars and The First War though those in juliet tend to disagree with their status as the capital due to their higher population and infrastructure.

Remnants of Earth

There are numerous species of flora and fauna native to Earth that made the journey to Safeharbor aboard the Arks. While most brought to the planet were unable to survive or are currently struggling to survive, some species flourished.   Dogs and cats of various breeds were brought on the arks, most of which are unable to thrive without help from humans. Breeders actively seek to undo the centuries of breeding that hindered these species back on earth. They hope to broaden the gene pool, allowing many of these species a fighting chance on Safeharbor's surface. Another species to flourish, and arguably one of the most important, is the honey bee. Apiaries are scattered in greenhouses about the outskirts of Autumn.   The honey produced is one of several resources actively produced for food. Other sources of food that thrive include potatoes, pomegranates, radishes, and other fruits and vegetables that thrive in the perpetual autumn weather of the planet, though must be grown hydroponically as there is little soil for farming.

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Author's Notes

Archivist Trigger Commands
The Archivist is capable of responding to "queries." Using the following commands, one can request information, and The Archivist will respond.

  • Pose Query: [insert topic here]
    Express desire for information
  • Focused Query: [insert topic here]
    Ask for more information on a subject related to a posed query.
  • Forced Query: [insert topic here]
    Demand an answer if refused, and the Archivist is capable of answering.

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Dec 20, 2020 19:01 by Jacob Billings

Uhhh. So, you should probably mention it's a settlement a bit earlier as "it's the only place human architecture can be found" is really confusing if you still think that you're talking about the autumn season in Safeharbor.   I just read Juliet, so I'm not certain the difference between Juliet and Autumn in their focus. While you immediately state that Autumn is a colony, I don't think that you mentioned Juliet as a colony, suggesting it's just a city? Not sure what's going on there.   While it's nice to mention the Archives are in this particular colony, you slightly repeat information here. It's not inherently problematic, however, I feel like you should find on particular trait of the Archives to focus on and then link the reader to the actual archives. Maybe you should, in order to stay in context, have a container type at the bottom of sections like this with something like "Would you like to access the Query: Archives?" and include an article block. That would be a nice way to smoothly interconnect your articles.   Uhh. Don't you think the fact the Archivist is aware of the surveillance should be a little more secret? If he's aware that it's effective because the citizens are unaware of it, would he not usually try to keep it a bit more secretive? Also, the mention of a hidden surveillance system is nice as I was about to ask if the government implemented any sort of secretive actions to ensure humanity wasn't lost to inner-species conflict.   Dawn disagrees with who's status as the capital? Is Dawn the capital because I would think Autumn is the capital? Your phrasing in that last section of the side bar is super vague. Anyway, did you publish an article on Dawn yet? It feels familiar but I don't think I've read anything on it?   Anyway, this is a nice article. It does propose a lot of questions remain unanswered. This is likely a side effect of your rapid writing and the shorter form articles on a setting, which would generally open up a larger article than this.

Dec 20, 2020 19:10 by R. Dylon Elder

Oooooo yessss that's a lovely idea. I'll consider linking articles like that. Thatd be cool.   Also yes. This was another quicky. I'll be expanding on all these points.   So that's actually a bad typo. Juliet is trying to be the capital cause of its infrastructure and population, but autumn is considered the capital. They are both colonies XD sorry not that.

Dec 21, 2020 17:48 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Sounds like a really nice settlement - I love that it's the centre of government and education. I really like the names for the human settlements on Safeharbour.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 21, 2020 17:52

"...routinely crept into the archives before her presumed death." HOLD ON A SEC... presumed death? I need to hear this story.   Ah, so wayfarers are the default crime-solving force on safeharbor. No need to explain why the local sheriff recruits some rando adventurers to do his job in any particular adventure then.   I feel like we are already 75% there to a text-based adventure game about a person shuffling through the archives trying to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Dec 21, 2020 18:56 by R. Dylon Elder   This one and the article on Safeharbor touch on caydie's presumed death. She would be the first casualty of the war.   Exactly! I'd love for this to have some true interactively to it. In many ways, alot of the comments point out plot holes and give inspiration that can be immediately capitalized on while also developing interest. It's a win win lol.

Dec 22, 2020 18:17 by Angantyr

I feel bad for the Archivist, drowning himself in work, however enjoyable it may be. Be that as it may, Safeharbor seems like a nice, but sort of scary place to be? I mean the merry dance of wide survaillance and well-behaving citizens..   And in all this there are the elders. What do they actually do? Planning the trade, incomes, managing growth of new settlements?

Playing around with words and worlds
Dec 22, 2020 20:47 by R. Dylon Elder

Yes. The poor archivist has and is having a rough go at life. It's not quite a big brother situation but there is a level of scariness to it the elders are just in charge of the direction the colony takes. They dont dictate laws but do determine where the bulk of infrastructure needs to focus its effort, you say it quite well. from producing ships to expansion. This is something that usually needs to be done quickly and efficiently. They handle the things that democracy would take too long to tackle if that makes sense, they have little impact on the lives of citizens in general.

Apr 13, 2022 00:55 by Lilliana Casper

I like the note about the plants and animals that thrive on Safeharbor. I think it's interesting that those specific plants are the only ones from Earth that they still eat.

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