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The Archives

A fountain of Knowledge

The archive is a database of knowledge located in a large domed structure nestled on a hill near Autumn, the first human colony since the fall of Earth. It is the foremost repository of all knowledge available to humanity. Locked within stacks of data vaults lies the history of our species, and much more. Our culture, our technology, our everything lies stored in its near limitless memory.   The archive also stores data found in the ruins of Safeharbor. Many delve into the depths of the ecumenopolis. The Archivist of Safeharbor sifts through the mountains of information, sorting through the data, bit by bit. He discovers technology, art, philosophy, and everything in between, distributing it wherever he can.   The archives are the heart and soul of Safeharbor. Without them, humanity would never be able to survive, if surviving is what you'd call it. The archives help, but humanity can't thrive when picking off the bones of the dead. Our lives are a constant struggle until, by some miracle, we find something truly special hidden in the vaults.

Advantage and Liability

Many examples of technology have been found in the archives of Safeharbor. Most technology comes from the species that lived on the planet before. The archives are the only place where humanity can truly gain in advantage in the galactic community. The problem with this is that it happens to be one of the easiest targets for enemy bombardment.   During the 1st war, enemy vessels actively tried to level the archive, only failing due to the efforts of the ragtag fleet and the forces on unity. Regardless, it has become exceedingly obvious that the archives are a bit of a liability.   Putting this much dependence on something so glaringly open and easily destroyed is less than ideal. The archivist is working with the architects of SafeHarbor to find a solution. The best solution seems to be to dig down and bury the archives under piles of dirt, rubble and steel, effectively turning it into a bunker.

Our Friend

The archivist has quite the story behind him. He just appeared out of the blue without warning, or ceremony. Once, wandering through the halls of the archive was a lonely affair. Now, most find the experience full of color, sparked to life due to his charm.   The archivist is a machine, an A.I perhaps, but no one is entirely sure. He has a personality, yet seems bound to programming given the various commands one can give him to elicit a response.   His life is a lonely one. He remains content, alone with his data, but newcomers to Safeharbor always find themselves on his doorstep. New arrivals are sent to the archive, so they can educate themselves, learn of where to go, and keep the Archivist company.  

Secrets of The Archive


The Classics

Tapping into a data vault revealed a massive collection of famous works from human history. From Shakespeare, to Wordsworth, these classics gave one of the first forms of entertainment to those living on Safeharbor apart from stargazing. While it wasn't nearly as valuable as technological advancements, it changed lives on a small scale, something The Archivist takes great pride in.

Quantum Telegraph

The Quantum Telegraph was discovered in a data vault filled with theoretical papers and articles concerning the fringes of science on earth. Most of these articles were useless, but The Archivist made sure scientists in Autumn were notified of this possible method of FTL communication.

The Persephone Class Frigate

Well after restarting Caydie's Cradle, The Archivist revealed blueprints for experimental voidcraft. They could be crewed with 4 people, despite their size, and have adaptable designs allowing for assimilation of new technology. This was originally designed to keep the frigates current, allowing new advances to replace old ones with maximum efficiency. The wayfarers renamed the class and now use these vessels, assimilating alien technology to the vessel in their exploration of the galaxy.

The Art of War

The archivist appeared right in the middle of the 1st war and was able to unlock an archive containing various works on military theory written throughout our history. One of the biggest struggles during this time was humanity's inability to create and maintain a proper military. We had to re-learn war from scratch. Without the archivist and our allies, we likely would have lost.


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Dec 3, 2020 06:03 by Jacob Billings

1 more article and you've technically won World Ember. You write ridiculously fast.   Your choice of article template is... questionable. "The archive is a large domed structure" Wouldn't that be a structure/building type not a document? The best way to get around this properly would be to call the archives a database of the most important knowledge and then call the domes building the access point or something like that so that the archives is an actual document not a building.   The Archivist sounds like an interesting fellow. Can't wait to see where you take your character article on it. AI's sound like they'll make for an interesting addition to your world.   The archvies sounds like an interesting addition to your world and a valuable resource for the humans in Safeharbor.

Dec 3, 2020 18:56 by R. Dylon Elder

Oooo yes. Well caught. I fixed that issue. The archivist is special. And his moment to shine will come sooon.

Dec 3, 2020 16:51

From the way he addresses humans, Its seems like the archivist is a human creation, possibly containing the memories/intelligence of a human. He reminds me of a Warforged Warlock I once made...   I forget what it's called, but I hope the ragtag fleet has one of those massive ships (not a titan, the one just smaller than that) in geocentric orbit above the archives. As expensive as it might be to maintain, I'd say maintaining Humanity's one and only advantage in the galactic community is worth it. Then again, all it'd take is for the engines to go out and the archives dies in a massive falling fireball... maybe just station it slightly to the side.   In order to preserve the archives, someone might just start burning the information onto some sort of hard storage system and sending it to all corners of haven, just in case. I could, of course, see a few issues with that. One, the archives might be so massive that anything you could write in any reasonable amount of time would just be a drop out of a bucket. Second, I'm not sure if the archives have a digital interface compatible with any sort of reading/writing technology humans currently have.   Are the archives a part of the old civilization on Haven, or just the first thing Earth humans built on the planet before/after implementing the safe haven protocols? Or... could it be both? Could it be that Haven is simply Earth colonized and then destroyed beyond recognition?

Dec 3, 2020 18:54 by R. Dylon Elder

Ooo yes the archivist is a rather confounding anomaly to the humans. I'll be his article soon. One thing I can say is that humans were very AI averse. They never even tried to create a sentient machine. You're close tho...   The dreadnought is actually stationed near the archive. You hit it on the nail there, and for backing up the archive as well. Part of the issue is the amount of data but also that they would have to find a way to store it that works both with their tech and the alien tech on safeharbor, which answers you're other question. There is human and alien data vaults. Technically the archive was originally what would be considered a library to the species that built it first. Humans adapted it. There are not nearly as many humans. Humans only have control of maybe a 40 square kilometer area of the planet, where the colonies are. The rest of the planet is kinda wild.

Dec 3, 2020 21:27 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I like the Archivist! I want to know more about him for sure! There's something intriguing about the fact he says 'us' and not 'you' when referring to humans...   I would love to wander the Archives and learn all of the knowledge.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 3, 2020 23:29 by R. Dylon Elder

I do love the archive. Doing recording work for him now. Also. Nice catch ;)

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