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An illustration of young adults camping; one is roasting marshmallows, one is playing guitar, one is drinking a warm drink. There is a ghostly form hovering over them. It is badge shaped and reads World Anvil Summer Camp, Spooky Shenanigans 2023

Spooky Shenanigans Challenge Badge

Summer camp days are full of riding, hiking, and fishing. Laughing with friends, swimming in the lake, walking in the woods. They're full of sunshine, fresh air, butterflies, and bird calls.

But summer camp nights are an experience all their own. The ever-present cascade of crickets and frogs on the thick night air. Fireflies sprinkled through the underbrush sparkle like bioluminescent glitter clinging to the cloying aroma of honeysuckle on the moist air.

And late in the night, after all the scardy-cats have gone to bed, we gather. Drenched in the smell of wood-smoke and half-hidden in the long-legged, dancing shadows of the low campfire flames, we tell our tales of the spooky, the cryptic, the haunted and possessed.

— Haly, the Moonlight Bard

Are YOU Afraid of the Dark?

If you're like me, then you look for any excuse you can to work a little bit of the spooky, the creepy, the mysterious and unexplained into your world. After all, everybody loves a good story about a monster under the bed, things that go bump in the night, or that weird thing that disappeared into the bushes.

The Challenge: Spooky Shenanigans

Claim this badge when you submit one (or more) Summer Camp eligible article that also features information about:

  • a ghost/haunted house/cursed object, OR
  • a cryptozoological mystery, OR
  • a legendary true crime.

This is an honor-system badge, I won't be checking. But I think it's a fun little extra challenge, especially if you're building a spooky world or just like telling ghost stories.

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Moonlight Bard
Original Title
Spooky Shenanigans
Haly, the Moonlight Bard


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Jun 19, 2023 04:21 by Dimitris Havlidis

I think I can definitely do at least one spooky! Count me in!

Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

Jun 19, 2023 04:27 by Haly the Moonlight Bard

Oh right on! A common phrase in my world (which is full of sailors of both the sea- and sky-faring sort), is "everywhere is haunted, and everyone has a ghost story."

Jun 19, 2023 04:28 by Dimitris Havlidis

Very nice!

Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

Jun 19, 2023 04:29 by Dimitris Havlidis

Also https://www.worldanvil.com/dashboard/user/post/c2c27502-510a-49a8-8a57-2ed39d8a3cef

Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

Jun 19, 2023 12:12 by Haly the Moonlight Bard

https://www.worldanvil.com/dashboard/user/post/850e70a2-ccb9-452c-87d2-c4bed1b931aa ||

Summer Camp 2023: Diamond or Dust!
Generic article | Jul 23, 2023

Sumer Camp 2023 Pledge Article

Jun 20, 2023 18:08 by Michael Huttar

Love this. Considering the world I'm working on is a dark fantasy/horror setting, this is TOTALLY up my alley. Thanks for this. Extra incentive to have some fun with it and let the spooky out onto the page.

--Michael P. Huttar, PrestontheDM
Jun 20, 2023 18:09 by Michael Huttar

If anyone's interested: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/ebilar-prestonthedm/a/summer-camp-20233A-prep-26-homework-article?preview=true

--Michael P. Huttar, PrestontheDM
Jun 24, 2023 16:40 by Chris L

I'll keep this in mind when I'm doing my prompts!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.