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The day I wake for the first time

The Nightmare Comes To An End

by Heather Robert Rowling

As I stand now before the altar I have everything. I have lit the candles. I have counted the beads. I have spoken the sacred words. With ink drying out and book pages eventually coming to an end, I thus bring an end to this diary of mine. A journey filled with pain, agony... Fear. I know now that no matter what the gods plan, none shall stall my dream any longer. As I come upon this world dressed in an invincible mantle, ill shall be the fate of those I write of. Nothing mattered up to this point, not anymore. I have slipped into madness and back to relative sanity time and time again, yet this moment is the epitome of both feelings joined together. A mad person restoring sanity to a broken world.
To those who knew me I have quite a few things to say; soon they will forget about me. Yes, the Shroud of the Pale God has a painful to most drawback. Soon after I don it, I will cease to exist. Death is the least of my worries past that, for invincibility is what it grants in return for eventual deletion from history itself. A small price to pay for one such as I, one who pays little mind to glory and fame. No, what matters most is that I disappear with the knowledge that I have finally created my dream world. No longer shall the weak be toyed with by the strong. All shall be given their chance to prove themselves regardless of heritage, race, magical ability... What will matter is only passion, dedication and an iron will to become strong... Nobody should have to suffer as I have, a deafened pain whose screams only I could hear. Everyone will have the chance to rise above this. To escape a destiny others have already decided.
To the gods I say... I am soon coming for you. You have much to answer for and I will make sure you do. If you are Begotten, I declare you dead already, for I am coming to end an existence that should have never been. Something born out of the giant mistake that brought the shardscape into existence in the first place.
To those I killed I say this; be glad you became naught but something I forgot what even was, lest I had found a way to torture you beyond death's grasp itself.
To those I lost along the way... I am sorry I couldn't save you. I can only hope that once you forget about me your soul will find peace.
To he who holds the shards of the broken world together I say this; I care little what you think your plan is. I can wait no longer. Stand in my way at your own risk... Or allow me to destroy everything that corrupts this world's very core.
And last but not least... To me I say everything. Heather, you've seen the world through the eyes of many things. The half breed daughter of an abusive outlaw. The step sister of an alien being. The Prodigy of an entity that became naught but it's chosen duty. An adventuring hero who never got along with her abusive friends. A lone survivor after they all died. A rebel for a cause you didn't believe in. A murderer who danced with the bodies and wrote poems in the blood of the people she killed. A destroyer of undead horrors and beings that were never meant to be. And now... Now you are going to see existence through eyes not of this world. If somehow you find this somewhere in a forest while running from your kidnapper... Just let the bear eat you.
As I cast aside my armor and weapons, I prepare myself to feel the invincible mantle around me. It is with these words that I write this end to my journey, a nightmare with an end that moved ever further away. Yet, I regret nothing.
Heather Robert Rowling.
*The tattered diary ends here, the rest of the pages are filled with nonsensical scribblings, blood and torn pages.*

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