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Unknown Date

The Nightmare Never Ends Part 2

by Heather Robert Rowling

Darkness... It is safe here. I am not much for hiding, an act of running away, yet sometimes it is necessary. I am in a cave, some kind of underground lair of beasts. The men chasing me can't see in the dark so they fear it, they fear it might be housing terrible monsters that will hunt them as they hunt me. My arms are heavy from swinging my maul for the past day. I have to rest. It is safe here. It is home. These men are not wrong. A terrible monster is indeed here.
It reminds me of the old days. Do you remember, father? Do you remember Berun? Jack and Anna? Lisa and Greg? Our friends? Our family? We all lived in a cave, much like this one, decorated with the spoils of your work. The spoils of death. The shadows kept us safe, the caves embraced us and protected us from those wishing to hurt us. And you embraced me as father and mother, even though she was never there. Perhaps, it was my mother you were looking for every time you came to my room. I will look outside. I think it's safe.
The men are gone. The dark kept me safe. The light that came into our home was the reason you died. Our friends died. My journey began. Why did the damn light have to come? Why couldn't shadow be the only thing to remain? The Light of the Gods banishes darkness they say... But all it does is expose us to danger. Maybe the shadows are to be treasured. Maybe what we need is darkness.
It has been hours and I can't find the last one. The others hid in the light. Fools, kill the torch when you run in the next life. The last one is smart, he hides in the dark. Maybe he deserves to live. The others had enough food on them anyway. I will find the next one later. Berun was good at this. I wonder, what has this whiteness done to him? Where is my friend? My brother? My life?... My dream? I hear the call of violence. I think I found him.

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