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A dark date

The Nightmare Never Ends Part 4

by Heather Robert Rowling

"I am your death!" Those were her words when we her sword went through my shoulder. "No. I can't die. Please." Those were her words when she lay there, unable to stand after I had crushed her legs with my maul. Many thoughts clouded my mind. My decision. What do I do, father? How many people have begged for their lives before you? What do I do, master? How many lives have you saved? What do I do? Both of you are not by my side to advise me. There is only one thing to do. "What is your dream?" I asked. I didn't think this question through. Her confusion was apparent, justified. I asked again, hoping for an answer. She didn't hesitate to answer honestly, knowing it might kill her. "To save this land from corruption. To stop these damned monsters. Monsters like you!" Her spite was palpable. I could feel it through her voice, her stare. I walked away. "No! Kill me!" She screamed. "You can't fulfill your dream if you are dead. Crawl towards it if you have to. Never give up." I couldn't kill her. Her dream was worth fighting for. Those words came out of me naturally. I speak of dreams often, after all. "Who are you?!" Her words echoed in the emptiness of the desert. "Naught but darkness."
I was now alone, away. Somewhat injured but I didn't mind. I will get better. The woman and her words tormented me for a while. Who am I? Did you name me Heather, father? Did Berun name me and I forgot my real name after witnessing our people's slaughter? Did the Shard Keeper name me because my mind broke and I forgot? What is real about me anymore? The only answer I have to this question is... My dreams. I think this is what I must always remember. What I must always keep to heart. What I must always ask those who struggle. Dreams... Enshrouded by all-embracing darkness...
I employed this tactic for a few more men and women I fought. I was largely disappointed when most did not even answer me. Those who did, they just didn't have a good enough dream. What a sad existence. At least I serve a purpose. I remind people of their dreams. Is it so bad to do so? Is it so bad to kill those who refuse to dream? To shape their own destiny? What makes someone evil nowadays anyway? I think I am getting closer to my destination. The snake is a necromancer after all. Many thoughts flood my mind. Maybe his salvation will be my own as well. He may be the storm of death, but I am the darkness. He can never be rid of me.

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