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The end in sight

The Nightmare Never Ends Part 11

by Heather Robert Rowling

A humongous Dragon of a celestial nature, capable of summoning swords of brilliant light and using magic spells of mass destruction.
An assassin that was chosen by Fate to destroy all those who would interfere with the flow of all things that must one day come to be.
A favored servant of the Stranger, the god who holds Dominion over all souls.
An orcish warrior who has refined his combat technique past the limit of mortal ability.
A fledgling god with a tongue of gold and silver words.
A heroic woman with dragon-chosen gifts.
And a monster wearing the skin of a man that can tear other monsters asunder.
These Wardens of the Wayward were formidable combatants with access to powers never before seen by many a man. They had a lot to teach the few moments I spent stalking them. If it was not for he who holds the shards of a shattered world together, I would have avoided their attention until I had what I wished for.
I asked for no names. I gave them no name. I was not there to make friends. It hurts less that way. As things would be, these people may eventually choose to stand against me. They shall do so in earnest should they know less of me. With a giant undead creature crying in the sky and a lich before us, there was little time for pleasantries either way. With these new capable warriors by my side I was sure to succeed. The battle was long and hard, and half of it I was confused of. This was a battle fought with willpower; what I understood as a struggle was but a warmup to the ungodly horrors we fought.
As the last enemy fell, I observed things happen I cannot put into words... But they mattered little as I stood there. At long last, joy. Blissful, painless end... I had gathered all I needed. I spoke my piece to the Wardens. Last time I ever encountered something similar to this occasion I stood alone among the corpses of those I called friends. It only felt right for me to warn them of their coming doom. Of a destiny chosen for them and not by them. Of someone else's dream they work for and not theirs. With these final words echoing in this chamber of death, I finally departed.
The Stranger awaits.

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