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Unknown memories of a date

The Nightmare Never Ends Part 7

by Heather Robert Rowling

"I do it for everyone's dreams." That was my answer this time around. The undead beast I had defeated a few times already. The fighting had always been difficult, myself emerging victorious by the skin of my teeth every time. Every time I ask for it, every time we fight and every time I win. Every time after the first it asked me the same question before I destroyed it. I suppose none of my answers have satisfied it as of yet. Be it fire or frost, traps or minions, poison or illusion, I have somehow managed to surpass it's expectations, surprising even myself. I expect it to, at some point, tire of this constant cycle and give in to my request. I truly care little about it. I only want the remnant. It is a very hard thing to do; give up what remains of you to a stranger who asks of it for their own needs and wants. Most words are not enough to even make one consider to offer it. Luckily, I am fluent in 'headbutt'. I have to continue this path if I am to succeed.
How long have I been doing this? This is a question I have asked myself a few times. Hopefully the creature will not, for the answer eludes me. As I exit the cavern and the sun shines upon my armor I remember the days I spent walking out of our home father, when I would go out to play with the rest of the family. I'd sing and dance happily, maybe I appreciated art in a different way back then. Strangely enough, it was in a similar fashion that I learned to take the things I require. Using my head had always worked in the past. David always took my ink away and I couldn't write. Chasing him in the wilds was often dangerous and unrewarding. I would only get new ink because you bought me one. However, one fateful day, when the rain poured angrily down the earth, I found shelter under Berun's wings. When I asked him how I would go about reclaiming my ink, he would remind me to use my head. When the rain stopped, I waited for David to leave home and I challenged him to try and keep the ink away from me. As he grinned, hoping to gloat in his coming victory, his words were replaced by a cry of pain, as I used my head. "Between the legs!" I remember you told me to strike men there in case I needed to. I was even at the perfect height. Though you didn't seem to mind. Maybe David was not really a man after all.
I put everything I knew about the creature down and tried to come up with ways to convince it to hand over it's remnant. I think using my head will work eventually. I suppose I have to find the correct angle.

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