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21st Turn of the 7th Shift 12 PBB


by Ilya Crosspoint

I feel I have to write this down. Its not been too long since we left Automata, but already I can tell I'm going to get lost and be overwhelmed with so much that it'd be best that I start writing things down, just so that I can make sense of it all in whatever brief moments of reprieve I get. That and, while I have confidence in my own memory, there is always the chance that I may forget smaller details, or just overlook something entirely if I get too focused. Even though I was never one for journals, this is probably my best option at this point in time; this will probably end up looking more like a log book than anything else eventually.
First, before I get into it, I want to note that time... is difficult out here. Automata is so far behind it's not even a speck in the sky anymore, nor are our two dancing suns. I know that everything is constantly spinning around our little homeworld and that being in the middle so much movement will make it very tricky to keep track of it all, but I now realize that without nary a single point of reference but my vague internal clock, and the speak of time changing like the wildlands do out here, I've come to the mildly concerning conclusion that I will likely never know the true time until I can get back to the city. My only consolation is that Copshire seems to have brought a little bit of everything from my shop, at least, amongst which was one of the pocket watches I made that also happens to display the current date. Though I can't be sure that it's accurate due to the possible effects of the time anomalies, it's the best I have and so I will be using it as my point of reference. According to it, it is the 21st of the 7th 12PBB, which as far as I can tell is about 5 or so days since we left, which feels about right as far as my experience of time goes.
To begin, I will start with our first encounter as of leaving the city:
It felt like we had been travelling for days when finally we arrived somewhere. I have no idea where, since I neither have a map, nor did the others know where we are, but apparently it wasn't the middle of nowhere because somehow we had just left the edge of it into everywhere. I didn't even know where to begin to ask so I didn't.
Someone from some city or outpost-looking structure near the star of the system we had just arrived in was broadcasting distress calls, claiming that they were under attack. Though many were concerned about the supposed conflict within, we had little say since we didn't have the fuel to go anywhere else and Tedrin insisted he knew the voice and took us in. I was quite nervous throughout the whole affair as I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had been fighting with the Talthorians this whole time, and never against one; I was afraid I might end up encountering a group of people with Nathiri's abilities, or with Sigmund's stealth. I suppose looking back it's somewhat silly, as Stratos them would likely still be with me should we get into such a situation, or would at least be able to warn and steer us away from such if we ran such risk. I suppose I'm still not used to being around them almost all the time now. Would that make us friends? ... I don't know. Muspella, maybe, I've known her a while, and I've spoken to and gotten along well enough with Tedrin before, the few times we spoke. As for Stratos and Sigmund, and Nathiri, I've only been their tour guide this whole time, looking after them as Krugg asked. Technically I still am. I've only just met Yara a few days ago, often in the middle of chaos.
They seem like they could be good friends to have. Some of them, anyway.
As we searched the place, we found the most interesting machines! What looked like a computer built into a wall, humanoid ones that seemed able to fight like any person could, and a large construction type one that appeared to be able to read blueprints and build the item by itself. Sadly, between my nerves, the pressure of time and being unable to read a lick of Talthorian I had to move on. I was able to snatch a broken humanoid machine on the way out at least, which I am studying. And while I'm on the topic, how come Stratos them seemed able to understand and read Kruggunite speech and text with their translator "device" while I am only able to hear but not read? Is it only partially reversible? Why? It is a mildly frustrating matter, since I will likely run into many troublesome situations where this is the culprit. Lets hope this isn't the case.
Regardless, when we finally travelled deeper into the structure, we found Muspella! She was fighting a large crowd? hoard? of those humanoid machines, shouting that the stranger we had been talking to, Bard Bot, was replicating too much and that he sought domination of some kind, and she was trying to stop him. There was a mild argument between her and Tedrin, as he called Bard Bot a friend of sorts, but ultimately it ended in a fight against the machines. The hoard didn't last long fortunately, as they seemed weaker than I anticipated; though at the cost of using up all my ammunition, I was able to put down a good number of them with just the Marsden Prototype. I should remember to thank them for making this little thing, it performs outstandingly! I should also think about giving it a name. "Prototype", "8-shooter", and whatever other descriptors I can give are either inellegant, long or just vague. I suppose I'll just call it 5ves for now, after the engraving.
After collecting Muspella, more supplies including fuel and the machine that Tedrin used his strange arrow on that made it into a machine jiken, we boarded the ship again. Tedrin seems to have done something to make Bard Bot part of the ship, through the jiken? I don't much understand it at all. I was told that Bard Bot is some sort of intelligent, thinking machine, and perhaps Talthorian inventions have some sort of way of interfacing with one another? This sounds like it could make sense to some degree I suppose, I've not really worked with computers much, and even less with Talthorian inventions. The only confusing part is that the jicken is still about, its metalic clucking ocationally heard through the halls. This is all probably some kind of strange, techno-magical nonsense, thinking about it. Krugg help me.
Yesterday we managed to land at another place relatively nearby. All but the Irregulars disembarked to get some breakfast, even though I could have sworn it was late afternoon according to my watch - though I suppose another planet wouldn't care what time it was on Automata as it has it's own. Inside we met Krugg! Yara and I had many questions, all of which he answered in some fashion. Apparently gods take inspiration from each other, which is why Yara looks the way she does, as supposedly there is another kind of Talthorian that looks much like her. Or she like them. I don't know. He assured her that he would speak to some back in Automata to take care of some of her former duties, like guarding whatever "door 7" is. Though, there might be plans to some pass? I'm not sure. My gut tells me it has something to do with the Marsdens, but I am no longer there to find out.
When it came my turn, I was assured that my shop will be taken care of and that Automata will not fall so easily to these Axelings or whatever they call them. As for myself, it seems he intended for me to leave with the others. Something about being eyes and ears... after explaining that he has some form of connection to us and likely knows and might be able to see what we're up to when he chooses, I suppose he wants me to use my Touch to learn about what is going in the universe. Perhaps it is related to that strange dream he granted me. It would make sense. The outsiders seemed very surprised and uncomfortable in the beginning when they first met Krugg. I believe it was Nathiri that told me that the other gods aren't like him, that you rarely see them, and when you do they aren't as kind. Perhaps Krugg can't leave because of the weird reception he'd get, if it would be anything like the other's. Regardless, I couldn't get much more out of him, whenever I broach the topic of what he wants and if he's planning everything, he starts speaking so, gratingly, vaguely. If he doesn't want me knowing what he's planning, then fine! He's Krugg, he can just tell me! And if its supposed to be a secret what I'm supposed to do, then same deal! Just point me in the direction you want me to go and tell me what you expect, and I'll do that! We're your tools you bellowing bronze statue! The least you can do is be straight with us!
Either way, after Muspella and Stratos came to the conclusion that Nathiri was pregnant because she was fine with eating a raw steak, the sorceress summoned the ocean on everyone indoors and had us promptly kicked out. I admit it's a little strange but honestly I have little opinion on the matter as I'm sitting here still quite damp and rather miserable. Kruggunites were not meant to swim, and so help me if she does it again she is going to get a wrench to the head, sorceress or not.
This entry is a rather lengthy first entry, but I there is so much I had to summarize between two days of confusion that I'm glad I started now and not later. I'm told we're currently on our way to a place called Lislow to look for someone. I plan on taking notes from now on, so there will likely be much less informal ramblings in the following, but that said, venting a little here was somewhat... soothing. Perhaps I might tack on little bits like this at the end of my other entries. We'll see.

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