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26th Turn of the 7th Shift 12 PBB


by Ilya Crosspoint

This entry is quite late. Due to recent events I have been quite distracted, and somewhat put off. I won't go into detail; only go over the most important points:

  • We've established the guild - The Tourists. Got rings with communication abilities. I forget it can do this at times. Took a job. Didn't end the best it could have.

  • Was ... summoned, by Krugg. The reason ended up as Talthor being trivial and silly, but when we left he asked me to look into any traces of he and Automata that I can find, as something doesn't seem to be right. Possibly something to do with this other Kruggunite that has been here ages ago.

  • Found the holy paladin. He refuses to leave Lislow until the most pressing problems are dealt with. Guess what we're going to be doing for a while.

  • We found the source of the mind manipulations, and the one in charge of all this. It is in fact the city itself, Sunseer. I don't like 'her'. The way she acted, spoke and thought bothers me. More than bothers me.

  • We were going to leave. Most of us had made up our mind. Yara seemed set on finishing up here, though. I don't want to deal with this city anymore, but we have to fix its damned problem.

  • We went beneath the city, to try and find the soul lines. We found it alright. And its problem. "Someone" (The Unseen, in the highest likelihood) drilled directly to it and tried using it as a power source. The technology seems to be old and... crude... for its intended purpose. Something about a weapon that reduced their 3 moons to 1.5. It's long since broken and has been leaking. Its why the city can speak. It's why the 'demons' are upset. We need to fix it before all this energy causes something worse to happen.

  • This all happened over the course of about three or so days. We have just left from the Grand Lysium to find information as I write this on day 3. Though technically we shouldn't have been able to, it seems both groups were able to coax the neccesary information out of the relevant people. The problem is more a magical than structural one. Physical repairs are likely to be quick and easy, though the magical lot will have to dig into studiying 2-4 thousand year old runework to make proper repairs, as doing extensive repairs would require replacing the entire damned system. A system that SPREADS MOST OF THE DAMNED CONTINENT, AND FROM THE SOUNDS OF THINGS WASN'T EVEN PROPPERLY COMPLETED. It was a welcome distraction despite the absurdity, trying to learn and fix a machine, and though I'm still mostly useless as the technology is still foreign to me, I at least have SOME idea of what's going on. I'd love to just sit down and study the technology. This junk, though old and crude even by a Kruggunite's standards in some regards, seems like the logical next step to my gem tech. The Lislanders seemed to have access to energised quenaztium for most of their history by my guess; hell, actually, maybe Automata is the odd one out in terms of not having significant free floating energy about, since my gut tells me its what powers magic. Everything I've seen and heard so far hints toward it. Now I'm just sad. Imagine the potential machines we could make if we could harness magic, what we've been missing out on because we haven't been able to manipulate it as the rest of Everywhere has! Though... that's... what the Talthorians are, aren't they? A people with magic that have advanced so much farther entirely because they had magic and we didn't? How depressing. Would they think us primitive? That station where we found Bard Bot would certainly suggest that they might think of us as though we're tidy barbarians. Though I can't find myself to be mad or dissapointed in anyway toward/at Krugg. I guess maybe we're just intended to be purists. I suppose, in some sense this lends more credence to the theory that we're machines. I wonder if standard life is dependant on quenaztium, if not magic directly. From what I understand, the Lislanders certainly are. Without the whole soul thing, all you have is humanoid pile of meat. With it, you dont need a complex defense tool. A simple hunting bow could be as deadly, if not more, than a sniper rifle. If you have the proper training of course. Wilds and beyond, its Sunseer's entire existence.
    The only reason it can speak to us is because the soul lines - a literal RIVER OF QUENAZTIUM ENERGY (forget liquid quenaztium, I'd love to see the looks on the company men's faces if I could show them this), the leak of which is more potent than any generator failure in current Kruggunite memory - have been meddled with and the steady flow of leaking energy has given it, well not sapience it seems, but certainly the ability to interact with the physical world to some degree. Likely enough to be a minor god at least. And its using its power to puppet a corpse and make people fight. It hasn't tried to negotiate. It has no intentions of stopping the fighting for any reason. Just simply, there is an enemy. You lot, kill them.
    Can you imagine Babylon happening EVERY NIGHT? A nightly showdown between the church and their supporters vs every one else? During the day, you can do as you like, but by nightfall everyone has to have a defense tool ready or else you'll be on the next wagon to what would eventually necessitate an incinerator. And now have this keep going until one side has been completely wiped out.
    I understand having to defend yourself, but those who live in the city will defend it for you. You don't need to trap everyone inside and use mind magics to make them fight for you. It's their home. Like hell they'll just stand by and watch. But you also want to protect the city from the constant destruction. There's no point in defending something that no longer exists! It'll just be senseless slaughter! SO FIND A SOLLUTION TO STOP IT??? But no. There will be no negotiation. At this point it's likely far too late for that. If it were grieving, I could understand where some of this is coming from, but even then I still wouldn't understand. Its been thousands of years - they say sometimes grief never passes, and I still miss my mother, but I'm not doing THIS! I was mad, and I wanted someone to pay, but I didn't work my ass off just to buy armour, ammunition, and weapons to take on half the city! I just... don't get it. I see why Nathiri can hate some gods. If most are like this one... I just want to go home. I had hoped to stay and learn some things from their schools if possible, but I don't want to be in or around a city that only wants blood.
    I want to understand, but I don't think talking to it again will be any more use; it seems it just doesn't understand certain concepts, and doesn't seem to care to understand them. I've never encountered a puzzle that just left me... depressed? There's nothing I feel I can do here. I've always understood that gods are far above us in ability and understanding, but Krugg has always been approachable. He's understanding for the most part and kind even. He cares. But Sunseer... What DOES it care about? It doesn't seem to care about the people. Just the city? Is it just selfish? And it doesn't want to learn simple mortal concepts, and it refuses to see the long term rammifications that this will have, and doesn't care to do anything about it even if it does. Its so sure that its eternal. I'm not so sure. Automata has stood for a really, really long time. We don't remember, or even know how long. But that's because Krugg wills it. Sunseer came to be after it was created. It IS the city. If there is no more city, I assume there is no more Sunseer?
    I don't know. It feels like a raptor thinking itself a Rex. I-
    I don't know. I just don't.
    I don't get it.
    I don't understand.
    I kinda don't want to.
    I'm going to stop here. I just want to stop thinking about this and be done.

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