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23rd Turn of the 7th Shift 12 PBB


by Ilya Crosspoint

Ive changed my mind about the format. The list from earlier was far too ugly. Instead Ill just do a simple, factual summary, and then comment at the end.
Early in the morning we all gathered in a street and got a good look of the surroundings. People were tired and downtrodden, for the most part. Some of the group started asking questions, and it seems the attacks have been happening frequently, but this has not always been the case.
Tedrin approached an interesting looking fellow, and after some light conversation, he suddenly threw the man across the city with some kind of magic. Poor bastard. He and Stratos got into another disagreement and he started sulking off. Despite the earlier... incident I decided to follow the "god of travel" on a little excursion throughout the city and map it out. The others went another way, and we agreed to meet back up later.
Along the way we met someone that I could have sworn were one of the Hamadas. Same accent and means of speech... it was so bizarre. It seems people can enter but not leave the city. Tedrin also asked if the man saw an old friend of his, Bard (strange, though I don't think he means Bard Bot), and after a little confusion the man seemed to know who he was speaking about and immediately became skittish. After giving us our "lafas" he packed right up and left. I don't know the situation but he wasn't necessarily afraid of him directly from what I could tell, though this Bard fellow might be travelling with dangerous people perhaps?
When we returned, it seems the others went shopping. Sigmund appeared to have a new bag and was fiddling with some alchemical looking components, Vidar was gorging himself on a large piece of meat and I heard Stratos speak of the plains and hunting. Soon after Yara sold her healing touch to make some coin, it seems she was far cheaper than the churches, and people were very eager to be healed of all manner of maladies. Got some good cash out of it too.
We then decided to head to the guild hall using the new map I drew, and inquired about all this guild business. The lady at the desk, Edna Kozalski, explained that guilds have plenty of power and one needs to be a part of a guild to do many things here. There was a tower of paperwork we had to fill in, but we would also need a guild hall, decide on a guild master, and note our certifications. She mentioned a seemingly abandoned guild house on the south western corner that, if we could clear it out, we could have it free of charge. Sounded like a steal so we went.
The place we arrived at was rather grim looking, overgrown, dull and covered in magic of some kind. The interior was odd, a little too empty and Sigmund described it as a '5 star hotel for a hobo'. While Tedrin melted into teh singular couch, teh rest of us snooped about. I found nothing in the cellar, so I immediately went for the attic instead; two best places to find things in any building. Up there I found things that couldnt help but remind me of a grandparent's attic. Older, ornate looking things. Some junk, others not. Found a few good books that look magic related. Took them in case they help with my magic studies later, and will help me learn to read things. We also found a hatch that had a ladder leading much too far down. After gathering everyone we descended and found a short woman eating soup. She spoke to another and from teh skull on the table Mr. Vindicator from earlier appeared. Through some conversation we learned that this was his guild's guild hall, and he must have forgotten to pay rent or some such. They agreed to let us have the place as long as we beware of the undead. Supposedly a whole basement of them or something. Ill have to inspect the cellar again, I suppose.
Much calmer day with a good deal of progress, I feel. This guild business sounds like a pain, but probably a necessary evil. We still have yet to figure out who will be guild master, or what these calcifications are, but all in due time I suppose. Thus far it's between Muspella and Yara. I considered it for a moment, since I led most of us back on Automata, but I think my lack of knowledge and inability to do the paperwork will be major detriments.
Speaking of knowledge, though this may seem dumb to say, but I'm proud of myself for jumping so quickly to the tasks I set for myself. I made a map, and a pretty decent one too even if I say so myself. Naturally I didn't get every alley and shortcut, but I'm pretty sure I can find most places with this. Next will be getting a feel for the general organization of the city, though this might take a bit longer. Along the way maybe I can learn how to make a few coin myself. Maybe repairs of tools and weapons. I might need a forge and materials though, Ill see what I can do.

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