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22nd Turn of the 7th Shift 12 PBB


by Ilya Crosspoint

Log 1:

  • Sigmund can apparently forge documents. Made me, Yara and Muspella some.

  • Spoke with Bard bot as I was finishing my study and taking apart the humanoid machine. Claims Kruggunites are the ultimate machines. Had a mild existencial crisis. Trying not to think about it till i can get some time to myself. Almost at Lislow.

  • Bard bot played us a recording of someone called "the Scribe". Why is there jazz in teh background?

  • Recording notes:
    - Full-hu-mines underground?
    - Well-sung symposium; "and their wild parties"? Live in mountain peaks*
    - Sun-Seer "home of adventurers"
    - "Far from the Talthorian home regions" - this isnt in Talthoria?
    - "only neighbour was Automata, and that was all the way out in Nowhere" ????
    - "Thaumaturgy" ?? Different from magic?
    - Vindicators "insisted everyone get along
    - The Unseen "made sure it happened
    - '... narcisistic nigh immortal scientists and their pet explorers interfering with creation, again' ...
  • Arrived at Lislow. Storms over New Talthoria; Quarantine of unknown kind over Lakevale, something about 'strange mutaes'. Heading to Sun-Seer.

  • City is strange. No verticality. No ticking of the city. No music. Only noise. Almost no metal. Lots of stone and wood. Don't see any projectile based defense tools other than bows. Lots of magic; too much almost. The priests would have a heart attack.

  • No modern innovations that anyone from Automata would recognize. No vehicles other than those driven by animals. Very bizarre animals.

  • Upon entering I suddenly began to think it would be good to destroy evil. Strange. Sent Nathiri into a flat panic; says its a very bad sign. Yara thinks its an effect of the city itself.

  • Festival in the city. Lots of noise. Very colourful.

  • Stopped by a place called the Pea-Quill. Barkeep and ladies are very flamboyant. Is somehow able to give a command to the drinks and they will fly over to the right tables by themselves.

  • Nathiri and the others seem to feel the wildlands back around Automata are "incomplete". Primarily because the wilds keep changing with Krugg's will. That doesn't happen on other worlds. Supposedly everything stays pretty much the same like in Automata city itself.

  • Tedrin tried to strangle Stratos in his armour. He somehow teleported him into the air and Stratos fell through the floor. After he got out, one of the barkeeps miraculously fixed the floor.

  • Apparently you don't need to be born with magic to be able to use it. There are apparently Talthorians that simply study and learn to manipulate the energies to do so. They believe I can learn magic. Muspella has said she would attempt to teach me some tricks.

  • They had MASSIVE meat platters. Similar yet different. I think I like it.

  • Saw a wizard disappear in a cloud of smoke shaped like a skull. Weird.

  • People don't seem to be "mind controlled". More like they are nudged in a direction to do certain things. Some obey, others don't.

  • Apparently there is magic that can puppet a corpse, turning it into "undead" and "ghouls"

  • In Lislow, "demons" come from "underneath"

  • We tried to leave using Nathiri's magic, but something seems to have gone wrong, and instead we seem to have appeared deeper i~~

  • *Scratches and bloodstains cover much of the bottom of the pages*
    *On the next page in much nicer handwriting:*
    Writing this nearly an hour later, after much fighting and then finding lodgings in the city.
  • Was smothered in an opressing darkness. Magic most likely. Was drawn into a fight with tiny winged demon things, then bigger quilled ones, and also a huge one with horns and a two pronged spear.

  • - Nathiri really likes fireballs; killed most of the tiny ones with just one shot. Before that the rest of us were nearly her target as she just threw one wildly in teh dark.
    - Sigmund's quick-deploy defense tool is incredibly dangerous. Took out three of the large quilled ones in rapid succession
    - Muspella seems to be able to know how to figure out how demons are related, since apparently she targeted two of the spikey demons because they were mates?
    - Yara has a very interesting Touch. She is able to put a type of field around others that mitigates damage. Oddly much like magic...
    - Stratos didn't fight much, except for when he blew us all away with a piercingly loud thunderbolt. It still hurts.
    - Stratos also seemed to stick a perfect landing in his bulky armour somehow, as i didnt hear a loud metalic crash when he jumped down a rather high platform.
    - The huge demon was fighting another god. Long hair and glowing eyes. Lots of speak of justice and good vs evil. Nochar perhaps? Wasn't after the fight. Possession probably.
    - Tedrin turned the huge demon into a half jicken abomination with his strange arrow. Because of course he did.
    - The jicken demon self-destructed.
  • Vindicator Lorkoth, the one the god was possessing; doesn't like Muspella

  • Called Muspella part of "The Unseen"

  • The city has a barrier. We cant leave

  • Yara managed to convince Nathiri to calm down and not destroy everything for a day.

  • Tedrin teleported himself and Stratos somewhere and back again. Mentions of a storm.

  • When the Vindicator left, he also disappeared in smoke shaped like a skull. I want to think it's the same person but there are differences. The others feel like it is the same person. I don't know for sure.

  • ~------------------------------------------------~
    I knew it. I KNEW it. I knew something ridiculous would happen and I'd quickly start misremembering or forget details all together. It wasn't an hour after we arrived (maybe it was, I wasn't paying attention) before complete chaos breaks loose. Sure something similar happened on Automata, but that was well after everyone arrived and got together. I'm still a little jumpy, but as I encounter all these things my greatest concerns are at least being eased; I'm starting to feel I'm not as outclassed as I thought I'd be. I just need to get used to so much magic. Hopefully, if I'm able to learn it in the first place, Muspella's magic training will help with that. If I can't, well, perhaps it's for the best. I have no idea what the church would think if they learned a Kruggunite came back and had learned Talthorian tricks.
    That aside, there seems to be something going on here. Weird behavior, mind magic, demons, ghouls, a magical barrier trapping us... I have no idea what we've got ourselves into, but I get the distinct feeling we'll have to use the old swicheroo of getting involved so we can escape. I'd much rather not get involved in anyone else's business, but it seems it comes with being in the group, if my time with them in Automata is any indication. This mind magic, Yara and Muspella say, is strange. It isn't dominating, yet it's supposedly desperate. It's not controlling, yet everyone is acting strange. Where did the demons even come from? Why did they attack? The older paladin looking man spoke of doing this "again"; has this been happening for some time already?
    I have no idea. I don't like it. I used to know a little about everything back in Automata. Hell, I was far from all knowing but I knew a little of everything going on on each point, and I even used to pride myself on being able to figure out the story behind some of the headlines before they were even published! (usually because I had Jackie that would tattle to me all the time and I knew all the right places to sit and watch them go down thanks to my Touch, but still.) I knew people in Automata, I knew where to go and were to look... Now I'm just... lost and confused. I'm still not sure why we're all here, probably for a range of different reasons which is, mildly frustrating. Copshire and the Irregulars are also on the ship, Krugg knows why they're here. They didn't get off as far as I'm aware.
    Maybe, I should try and get that going again? A little overkill perhaps... but it would be pretty fast if I had a network again...
    Nono. It's a little to soon for that.
    I'll keep it in mind if we can't seem to pick up any significant information ourselves, but I should just take a deep breath and put my strong foot forward. This is all strange and its getting to me, but I'm not going to get far if I keep flinching from everything at every turn. I should start looking around, get a working map and a working foundation of what's going on and how this place works. If that isn't enough, I'll just do as Krugg made me to do and innovate. I still have some materials and a bit of stock from the shop; I can easily make things to use and sell if I need to to get one started. Though...... the ship... is outside the walls... hmm. I suppose I'll have to take a page out of Sigmund's book and start collecting bits of this and that for time being. Point is, I can do stuff and I should start doing so instead of being such a child about it.
    First, I have to get some rest. Will will properly get myself in gear first thing in the morning. Assuming something else doesn't wake us first...

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