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Ad Perīculum, Pro Glōriā

A Basic Fantasy game In the world of The World of Tel
8/12/2020 | Full
A group of adventurers travel the lands of the Central Sea in search of treasure and renown!

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  • Aerisca Borealis - Geographic
    A geographic map of Aerisca Borealis at 8 miles to the hex.
  • Fort Merula
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Scheduled Sessions

Wed 8th September 2021 20:00

Khemia Occulta V: Den of the Basilisk

While searching the Tomb of the Djeti, Brother Theophilus uncovers a secret door! Do the adventurers dare investigate what is on the other side?

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22nd Sep 2021

Khemia Occulta VII

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15th Sep 2021

Khemia Occulta VI: Cavern of the Mycetons

The party successfully navigated past a hungry basilisk and negotiated with the dread lich, Nekhtebu. Now, they face the challenge of exiting the Tomb of the Djeti. What will they find in the caverns underneath the tomb as they attempt to return to the surface?

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1st Sep 2021

Khemia Occulta IV: The Tomb of the Djeti

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25th Aug 2021

Khemia Occulta III: Desert Hospitality

With Elissa feverish and sickened after suffering from a grievous wound to her belly, the party rejoices at the sight of the Sutra Tribe's tents appearing before them on the horizon. With the respite offered by the hospitable desert nomads, Elissa may survive her injury, but the Ghamadi merchant adventurer, Talal al-Shemi, warns them that the people of the Senu Desert have strange ways and their hospitality may come with a price.

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4th Aug 2021

Khemia Occulta II: Seas of Sand

The newly-named La Compagina Septentroinale ("Northern Company") set forth into the Senu Desert with ibn Ayyub's caravan. Only a day into their journey, they were set upon by giant Aeriscan spiders! Even though the party successfully fought of the creatures, they are now having second thoughts about their overall chances of success on this expedition. Will the next few days of their journey bring them hope or more despair? Can they reach al-Satra Camp without further injury?

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21st Jul 2021

Khemia Occulta I: The Souk

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14th Jul 2021

Khemia Occulta: Prologue

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8th Jul 2021

Urbs Magna X: Spoils of War

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1st Jul 2021

Urbs Magna IX: When Seeking Revenge, Dig Two Graves First

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23rd Jun 2021

Urbs Magna VIII: A Price Paid in Blood

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17th Jun 2021

Urbs Magna VII: Ator's Vengeance

The heroes stand before the urban villa of the man who drugged and imprisoned them, forcing them to risk their lives in the arena.   Will Ator smile upon their quest for revenge?

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3rd Jun 2021

Urbs Magna VI: Nestoria Harbor

After fleeing from their imprisonment as gladiators in the Great Amphitheatre of Eknopolis, the group seeks refuge in the sprawling slums of Nestoria Harbor. There, they patch their wounds and plan their revenge.

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27th May 2021

Urbs Magna V: Liberty to Slaves!

Standing bloody and beaten over the bodies of the guards they had slain, the adventurers are only a staircase away from freedom. However, the sound of footsteps come from the south, signaling more guards!

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20th May 2021

Urbs Magna IV: From Darkness into Light

After finding their cell door mysteriously unlocked during the middle of the night, the adventurers take advantage of this opportunity to escape their servitude in the arena. Successfully waylaying a guard and arming Asbjorn with the guard's mail and sword, the party attempts to find Kegho's faithful canine companion, The Grey Death, before fleeing into the streets of Eknopolis.

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13th May 2021

Urbs Magna III: Blood on the Sands

After their faithful canine companion, the Grey Death, rejoins the party due to a twist of fate, the party now stands bloody, wounded, and victorious in the center of the Great Arena while the crowd howls for her blood. With their survival hanging on the outcome, what will the party choose?

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29th Apr 2021

Urbs Magna II: By Sword and Spear

Will the party survive their ordeal in the dark caverns underneath the Great Arena?

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22nd Apr 2021

Urbs Magna I: Initiation

After having been drugged at Valenites Prothemopolous's banquet, the party found themselves enslaved and imprisoned beneath the Great Arena of Eknopolis - forced to become gladiators in the stable of one Gallienus Kerularios! Now, as part of a strange initiation ritual, the party finds themselves in the labyrinthine caverns below the arena with the task of finding their way out.   Regardless, many questions remain: Did the young rector of Fort Merula, Flavio, have anything to do with their enslavement? And what of Elissa and Miniho?

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15th Apr 2021

Urbs Magna: Prologus

After returning to Fort Merula from their successful expedition to the Shrine of Naeia, our heroes experienced a series of individual misfortunes that return them to the precarious financial situation they found themselves in prior to their last adventure! Still hungry for fame and fortune (or in Brother Theophilus's case, full of zeal to spread the mercy of Maya across Tel), the adventurers learn of an opportunity that will take them across the Central Sea to the Great City - Eknopolis.

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8th Apr 2021

Interlude 1

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25th Mar 2021

In Horrorem: Clausula

After slaying the two skeletal necromancers and their shambling undead monstrosity, our adventures believed their quest to be complete. However, one of the crimson lacquered skeletons reformed itself to fight once more! What does this all mean?

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11th Mar 2021

In Horrorem: XIII Capitulum

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25th Feb 2021

In Horrorem: XII Capitulum

5th Feb 2021

In Horrorem: XI Capitulum

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21st Jan 2021

In Horrorem: X Capitulum

In possession of two keys, the party stumbled across a secret door that leads into a large room. What awaits them on the other side as they continue their quest to stop the cultists completing their ritual?

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3rd Dec 2020

In Horrorem: IX Capitulum

In the aftermath of a fierce battle, having been ambushed by Zaz's warband of goblins, Amma, Tarn, and Theo lie grievously wounded, as Kegho remains in thrall to his Ashkuzi bloodrage. Will Riven, Elissa, and Alex be able to bring Kegho to his sense before he harms them as well? Can the party manage to survive further exploration of the catacombs beneath Naeia's shrine? Will they manage to stop the dark ritual to invoke Vargus into this plane? If not, what will become of the denizens of Labrax Bay?

19th Nov 2020

In Horrorem: VIII Capitulum

After having dispatched the undead members of Tarn's former brethren, the party decides to investigate the abbot's library for anything useful before entering the 2nd level of the complex.

5th Nov 2020

In Horrorem: VII Capitulum

After having been attacked by a swarm of bloodsucking striges, the party makes camp on the banks of the Daenaris River when their campsite is approached by two women in the early hours of dawn.

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22nd Oct 2020

In Horrorem: VI Capitulum

After rescuing Brother Tarn from death at the hands of mercenaries working for a group of necromancers, the party elects to travel east to investigate the truth of the old sailors' tales of a village founded and occupied solely by women in hopes of recruiting some sellswords who are willing to descend into the catacombs of the Shrine of Naeia Aeriscae to stop the necromancers before they return the dark god of the sea and storms, Vargus, to this plane of existence.

16th Oct 2020

In Horrorem: V Capitulum

With Kegho and Riven suffering grievous wounds from combat with mysterious foes, will the party be able to survive the dangers within the Temple of Naeia?

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8th Oct 2020

In Horrorem: IV Capitulum

The party begins its exploration of the abandoned Temple of Naeia in hopes of learning Tarn's fate.

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1st Oct 2020

In Horrorem: III Capitulum

After another perilous 2 days of journey through Morbida Swamp, the Temple of Naeia is finally in sight, but what dark secrets are hiding below?

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17th Sep 2020

In Horrorem: II Capitulum

Can the adventurers survive the trials of Morbida Swamp to reach the abandoned Temple of Naeia?

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3rd Sep 2020

In Horrorem: I Capitulum

To avoid punishment attempting to reclaim treasure in Labrax Bay without the explicit permission of Titus Merula, the party agrees to travel into the wilderness of Morbida Swamp to investigate the whereabouts of a team of acolytes sent by Father Decimus to reconsecrate an abandoned temple dedicate to Naeia, goddess of the sea.

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