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October Rebellion

A Basic Roleplaying game In the world of Life After Moonrise
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An eternal night has fallen over the city, allowing the vampires to reign in the streets. They've begun their war for supremacy, a battle of wills between Angelo and Christopher. It remains an open question which side will win. Both sides have called in monsters, raised hell itself, to wage their terrible war.

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  • Philadelphia Area
    A general overview of the city. This is the real-life map of Philly and doesn't necessarily match up to some of our fictional locations (be imaginative).
Supporting Cast
  • Angelo
    The head of the Vampires.
  • Artemis
    The goddess of the moon, and perhaps true queen of the wolves.
  • Astrid
    The leader of the wolves. She's known to run the pack day to day. Her sense of protectiveness would lead her to do anything for the others.
  • Augustus
    A simple, good man, if a Vampire. He's perhaps on the wrong side, but he's there to help his friend.
  • Christopher
    Challenger to the Vampire Throne.
  • Daisy
    The wolves' greatest hunter. She can shoot anything. Trap anything. Artemis has praised her for her abilities.
  • Ellie
    The 'good girl' wolf. She often seems a damsel in distress, a pure and innocent creature. She's the friendliest of the wolves.
  • Holden
    One of the biggest of the wolves. He's a mountain as a man, and even bigger as a wolf.
  • Vivian
    A demon who's recently been around the city, meddling in Vampire politics. It is implied she has a grudge against Angelo.