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Abios Campaign

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Abios
May 23rd, 2018 | Full
Volstis is the third planet from the sun orbited by one moon called Luna in what is known as the void sea. It is on this small blue jewel that we learn of our heroes and though insignificant at this time, may find themselves changing the course of history for the entire planet and all creation.
Along the known northern hemisphere of Volstis lies the continent of Abios, home to all manner of races with varying political and personal motivations from nation to nation. The good kingdoms in the north stay ever vigilant against the covetous gaze of the nations along the the Emerald Basin to the south east, and all watch nervously for any word of an undead invasion from the forsaken lands of Telethas in the far south.
Political and religious intrigue dominates the kingdoms of the Emerald Basin, which make up the most populous and most affluent cities within Abios. These kingdoms enjoy economical and military superiority, though are often stymied in their quest for expansion by geography and the sheer resilience and determination of the good races in the north.
The races of the far southeastern-most nations on the mainland of Abios seek to annihilate all races in favor of their own image. Seeing all other creatures as an abomination, they seek nothing more than to eradicate humankind. They are often kept in check by the superior military forces of the Emerald Basin.

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Session 91

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27th May 2020

Session 90

20th May 2020

Session 89

13th May 2020

Session 88

6th May 2020

Session 87

29th Apr 2020

Session 86

After saying their goodbyes to Daag Forgeworn and Vadrid GrimSleeper, the party travels through the man-made tunnels adjoining the Lightning Rail Cavern and head for the surface. Along with their captive/companion Seldanna Erran, the party must take shelter from an encroaching snowstorm and travels to what appears to be an abandoned castle high above the snow line within the Hungry Slopes Mountains.

22nd Apr 2020

Session 85

15th Apr 2020

Session 84

8th Apr 2020

Session 83

1st Apr 2020

Session 82

25th Mar 2020

Session 81

18th Mar 2020

Session 80

3rd Mar 2020

Session 79

26th Feb 2020

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19th Feb 2020

Session 77

10th Feb 2020

Session 76

5th Feb 2020

Session 75

29th Jan 2020

Session 74

24th Jan 2020

Session 73

15th Jan 2020

Session 72

30th Dec 2019

Session 71

17th Dec 2019

Session 70

11th Dec 2019

Session 69

4th Dec 2019

Episode 68

25th Nov 2019

Episode 67

The players spend the first restful evening in quite some time after having eliminated the individual known as Esva, a Death Slaad responsible for bringing Chaos to the Stout Halfling land of Aldywnne. Now the players must decide the best course of action to take -- to venture to Thruin'Tor in the Dwarven Kingdom of Mil Durahl, or pursue the next segment of the Rod of Law which seemingly lies high in the mountains just to the north of Ambermoor.

20th Nov 2019

Session 66

The Emissaries of Order, after having just defeated the Death Slaad known as Esva, must now face a Red Slaad that surfaced from the pit traps leading into a chamber below the central courtyard of the Stout Halfling town of Boulderborough.

13th Nov 2019

Session 65

6th Nov 2019

Session 64

30th Oct 2019

Session 63

16th Oct 2019

Session 62

11th Oct 2019

Session 61

2nd Oct 2019

Episode 60

18th Sep 2019

Session 59

11th Sep 2019

Session 58

4th Sep 2019

Session 57

28th Aug 2019

Session 56

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21st Aug 2019

Session 55

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14th Aug 2019

Session 54

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8th Aug 2019

Session 53

The Flycatcher Tangle

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31st Jul 2019

Session 52

Gates of Zadzifeirryn

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23rd Jul 2019

Session 51

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17th Jul 2019

Session 50

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3rd Jul 2019

Session 49

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24th Jun 2019

Session 48

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19th Jun 2019

Session 47

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14th Jun 2019

Session 46

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4th Jun 2019

Session 45

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29th May 2019

Session 44

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22nd May 2019

Session 43

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15th May 2019

Session 42

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17th Apr 2019

Session 41

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10th Apr 2019

Session 40

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3rd Apr 2019

Session 39

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27th Mar 2019

Session 38

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20th Mar 2019

Session 37: The Old Mage Tower

After discovering that the Old Mage Tower resides some distance outside of the frontier town of Pathstow, the players are led to the tower with the help of the young Halfling boy Willem Heartridge. After placing the pebble belonging to Anastra Emberhelm, they decide to descend a flight of stairs leading down.

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13th Mar 2019

Session 36

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6th Mar 2019

Session 35

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27th Feb 2019

Session 34: The Feyborn Road

The players leave Daemarrel and strike out for the small frontier town of Pathstow. As they leave, the encounter the three Drow students recently expelled from the Lady's College and Exiled from the Kingdom of Laskea.

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20th Feb 2019

Session 33

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13th Feb 2019

Session 32

The players need to prepare for their planned meeting with the Eloranae Elves at the King's Arms Tavern, however the problem with Feadog's ring still weighs heavily on the party as they attempt to determine the next best course of action.

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6th Feb 2019

Session 31: Too Much of a Good Thing

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30th Jan 2019

Session 30: Derdin Murder Investigation

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23rd Jan 2019

Session 29

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16th Jan 2019

Session 28

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7th Jan 2019

Session 27

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2nd Jan 2019

Session 26

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17th Dec 2018

Session 25

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12th Dec 2018

Session 24

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28th Nov 2018

Session 23

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20th Nov 2018

Session 22

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12th Nov 2018

Session 21

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7th Nov 2018

Session 20

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24th Oct 2018

Session 19

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10th Oct 2018

Session 18

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3rd Oct 2018

Session 17 - Queen's Coronation

After the failed resurrection attempt of King Alywn Nede, the party is invited to be on hand (and pull security) for the Queen's Coronation to be held within the Court of Righteousness.

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26th Sep 2018

Session 16

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19th Sep 2018

Session 15

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12th Sep 2018

Session 14

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29th Aug 2018

Session 13

The party discovered the residents of the Crescent Dream Inn, and the owner Xalyth T'arr, to be Drow agents that were involved with the plot to kill the King and sow chaos within the Capital City of Sestatrea. After chasing Xalyth through the sewers, they eventually managed to capture her as she attempted to swim to the safety of the Greward Hewe anchored off the coast of the City. The party intends to make their way back to the Temple of Torm's Coming to begin interrogations.

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22nd Aug 2018

Session 12: Crescent Nightmare

The party descended into the sewers following the assassination of King Alwyn Nede of Laskea during their formal royal dinner party in pursuit of what they suspect is the assassin. Along the way, they encountered some deadly plants, a band of Kobolds, and fought a menacing Grick which knocked Celindriel unconscious. Now the party must decide their next course of action.

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7th Aug 2018

Session 11: Poached Lion

The party met with the members of the Order of the Golden Lion, and are invited to a Royal Dinner. After purchasing up-scale clothing and spending some time shopping, they find themselves among the courtiers of the Laskean Court at an informal Dinner Party being hosted by the King and Queen. Many prominent Sestatreans and foreigners are in attendance, and the party learns some useful intel on what's happening in the world.

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1st Aug 2018

Session 10: The Dinner Party

The party has made their way to the Capital City of Sestatrea, booked lodging within the Crescent Dream Inn, and presented themselves to Barriltar Bhandraddon at the Temple of Torm's Coming. The party will seek an audience with the King and Queen of Laskea and inform them of a potential conspiracy of a cult manufacturing poisons within the Kingdom.

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14th Jul 2018

Session 9: Sestatrea

The party traveled from Hirane and into the Cyns Grove. After a pitched battle between two Scouts and two Cultists, the party found Rosla's daughter Veta, and the corpse of Curendir and Aghad - the dwarven deliveryman. Still early in the day, the party must decide what to do next after realizing Celindriel had been poisoned by a cultist weapon coated in Midnight Tears (Silver Raven Blend).

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11th Jul 2018

Session 8: Cottage Cultists

After having assaulted the Warehouse and learning about the Silver Ravens, and after having battled and killed Lord Andel Caldel, the party prepares to hopefully spend their last night in Hirane before setting out for the Capital City of Sestatrea.

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5th Jul 2018

Session 7: Quoth the raven, Nevermore

After vanquishing an assassination attempt at the Grinning Kobold Inn, the party was able to interrogate the two corrupt town guards that have been troubling them so far. The pieces of the puzzle begin to come together as they make plans to assault the Warehouse.

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27th Jun 2018

Session 6: Grinning Ambush

After a short meeting with Lord Andel Caldel, and after witnessing Athyen Eddyns yelling at Sylrith Madz, the players find themselves trying to connect the pieces of the puzzle following the suicide of Athyen Eddyns during an attempt to apprehend and question him. The players begin to feel the pressure of being in imminent danger, and look for ways to both protect themselves and the town they've promised to help.

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20th Jun 2018

Session 5: Revelations

After a botched interrogation attempt that left Rilanor Minun slain in Ennen Kytson's dining room at the Leaf it to Me Herbalist Shop, the party must now move quickly to expose the criminal element operating within town or potentially suffer the consequences of being accused of murder for Rilanor's death.

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13th Jun 2018

Session 4: Unintended Consequences

After discovering potential incriminating evidence in Rilanor Minun's house, the party intends on questioning Ennen Kytson, Edraele Trisyra, and the shady acolyte of Valkur named Athyen Eddyns.

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6th Jun 2018

Session 3: The Investigation Begins

After the Captain of the Guard opened up to the party, and after learning some additional information from the Tiefling Beggar and some of the residents of Hirane, the party puts together a plan to find evidence that could incriminate Tela Cliffoak, Sylrith Madz, and Rilanor Minun.

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30th May 2018

Session 2: Tears for Friends

After having found the Tiefling beggar within an alleyway of Hirane, the party attempts to make their way back to the Captain of the Guard.

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23rd May 2018

Session 1: Not-so-sleepy Hirane

Throughout the evening, each of you had a fitful sleep due to high winds and the ship lurching and groaning dramatically, only having subsided a few hours before sunrise. Your eyes flutter open wearily as you hear a soft tap on your rather cramped cabin door with the voice of the ship's steward Laise asking politely to enter...

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The Protagonists


Panflute Entertainer Extraordinaire Feadog Mhor



Loukag Vaitho

Level 5 Goliath Wizard - Abjurer
/ 38 HP