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A vital world cut off from all else through the powers of Adara, The All-Mother in a bid to protect this Anchor world from 'The Nightmare'

1590 words

Secheil, Sanguisar's End

The sword of one of Aseth's Hundred, imbued with magic and the spirit of its wielder, so he may one day return, when The Light's needs are most dire.

911 words

The Shattering

The Shattering details the breaking of balance in the cosmos, where Light sought to undo the injustice of darkness, and created more suffering than ever before.

1411 words


Wielders of the two forms of combat magic, rare bladesingers are devout followers of the Titan of Magic, Yeiyan.

1047 words

The Light's Crusade

A collective of Light-sworn warriors, Titans and servitors that sail on solar winds spreading the Radiant's power to all corners of the cosmos, only done when not a speck of The Nightmare yet exists.

1378 words

The Avan'ish

A race that quickly adapts to hostile environments and utilizes Radiant magic, they exist as the main core of Eokir, The Huntress' honour guard.

1559 words

Dhun Khenil

The city of war burns and boils with conflict as factions battle for dominance of the many sectors of the city, seeking to claim the almighty prize that would bring dominance to a large swathe of Lenwir.

2353 words

Yerran Progress so far

10249 words 102.49% completed!

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Thank you for taking the time to visit the page and I hope you find something that interests you. Would love to get other peoples' take on what I'm doing.   For years I've toiled in obscurity, chugging away at my laptop on projects here and there, having ideas and making notes with myself as the sole audience. It eventually reached the point when I figured this kind of thing was really for me and I ended up as a writer and content developer for educational materials. Though that was all nice it never really gave me the chance to flex my creative ideas beyond novel ways to entertain children through puzzles and games, and that's when it really started.   It began with 'Life's Heart', my first novel, an idea to marry fantasy with a star spanning universe (and all the things I love) and from there my writing has blossomed into my other hobbies, particularly DnD, RPG's and Games.   I have finished my first novel and will build a world for it to live in shortly (before the end of 2023 for sure). My first world (Venya) has been built from the ground up for a new RPG style I have in development and with a large swathe of one of the continents finished, and some basic play-tests done, they will soon be published for further use. Act 1 of these adventures appears in part in the manuscripts and I am working to have a much more complete look for this continent.   I have several other projects pending but one thing at a time is probably the best method for me at the moment. I hope you find something here of interest and thanks for stopping by. Check out all the wonders of my writing by clicking the button.

Interests & Hobbies

Running, Digital Art, Painting Models,

Favorite Movies

Lord of the Rings (Trilogy), Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Stardust, Tangled,

Favorite TV Series

Farscape, Gravity Falls, Futurama, One Piece, The Good Place, Dark, Scrubs

Favorite Books

Magician - Raymond Fiest, Mistborn - Brandon Sanderson, Legends and Lattes, Matter, The Forever War, The Time of the Dark, Ava's Demon, Looking For Group

Favorite Writers

Raymond Fiest, Tolkein, Ian Banks, Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaimen,

Favorite Games

Mass Effect Trilogy (#1), Warhammer Total War, Vermintide/Darktide, Baldurs' Gate, DnD, Pathfinder

Latest Loved work

Tha Rowund Bredd

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