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Right after the Comet shower, the first signs of magic were shown. The Scribs believe that the magic is some form of radioactive mutation. Which is probably the case, however the once with magic were able to pass it on to their children. The once who required the magic, were not able to excess the magic the same way. Some were able to excess their magic during the morning period of the day, some in the afternoon and others during the night. The mutation, has evolved over the years and the witches are now able to excess their magic at all times. But their magic will only be stronger during one day period.

Transmission & Vectors

When the condition first started to show, it was believed that it came from the radiation from the comets that have landed on Yuastea, during the comet shower.   After that the condition is being passed down, from parent to child.


It is believed that the mutation started right after the comet shower. And has effected those who were close by the places of impact. But then there is the question of why not everyone, this is still unknown until this day.


The first symptoms were the sudden movement of things, or outburst of energy/magic.


There is no treatment for this condition and those effected didn't want to be cured either. They felt special, because they were gifted these special ability to wield magic.

Affected Groups

Both genders are being effected by this condition. It also those not discriminate against body type or skin tone.

Cultural Reception

At first people didn't know what to make of it. But over time the now called Scribs started to hate the Witches. As a result of this hatred the witches were hunted down and killed, all because they had an ability the Scribs didn't have.   This all came ahead when Tomas Altergo, burned down a school. Which was a spark that started a war, lives were lost on both sides. But the Witches came out on top and are now ruling Yuastea.
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