Campaign 6 - The Immortal Twins - Intro

Far across the Enlita Ocean, west of Orrin lies the rugged continent of Lyela.   The Darkness's armies vassalized the Kingdoms of the East, in Orrin and Vagrax over the last two decades. Lyela remained unspoiled from the Hordes of Bool. But below the earth... there is a faint rumbling, something stirs.  
"The Darkness spent her spirit in envy and hate, until at last she could make nothing save in mockery of the thought of others, and all their work she destroyed if she could."
  The wild peaks and jagged cliffs of Lyela offer a natural resistance to encroaching adversaries, but the The Immortal Twins and the Silver Guard of The Ariessian Empire also offer a grave challenge to any oncoming naval assault. The legends of the Twins are well-known through Zin, for bards sing of their immortality, conquests, and perils that stem back to when Mortals were formed.   They believe themselves unkillable, and therefore are self-claimed living Gods, believing their existing bloodline superior to other mortal races. Separating citizenship from all non-Aressian, even those elves of lineage of the east, hailing from the Isles of Ealthlos, or Asrai of the deepwood.   For children of the Twins not only have the Light of Agalliaos | Ἀγαλλιάω | Exultation | Titan , a boon that prevents natural aging and death, a gift that all elves of Zin possess, but also they cannot be killed by unnatural means. Those who have unfortunately have stood against divine tyranny have their skulls are adorned in grim opulence in the Sky Palace in Ove Ennore , and serves as stern warning to all future, would-be assailants.   But all is not well in The Ariessian Empire. Whispers, rumors have spread as it is believed that they are sterile, as their Empire has not expanded in over a century, and no new direct decedents have taken rule in decades.   Neglect, hubris, and excess have lead this once proud empire into stagnation... this stagnation has not gone unnoticed by the Forces of the Darkness.   Along the border of the Empire, in the City of Kalion , the local King Erdan Ariessus , trouble stirs. A royal decree has summoned most of the Assarian Elves back to the capital, Ove Enore, allowing opportunity for non-citizens: fighting men, residents, and those seeking adventure and coin. A royal decree of 500gp, a sum surely to call every bounty-man between the two rivers, have been tasked in finding out the disappearance of some local farmers. The king is worried that this could disrupt the food supply in the coming growing season, and it is imperative that order is restored.   You all have accepted the King of Kalion's offer, and find yourself traveling north to uncover the mystery of the missing farmers.


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