The Immortal Twins

Ilfirin Gwanún (in Elvish) or know as The Immortal Twins, or the God Twins, are Goddess Vadania Ariessus and God Emperor Uthemar Ariessus who rule over the Ariessian Empire.   The myth was that they were some of the first elves to have birthed after Falling of the Titans and the forming of Zin's.  The state religion says they were formed from the titans themselves.  Taught by the secrets of the gods during the first age, they are powerful benders, it is rumored they cannot be killed, and are some of the oldest living creatures in Zin, rumored to have walked with the Gods during the Age of Life, Death, Good, and Evil.   Both believed to be fraternal twins, have been married to each other for over four centuries, and have many children themselves which are considered pure blood.   Many elves in Lyela today believe to be descendants of the twins, claming to be of superior birth of other elves.


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