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The demonic, feared titans who prowl the night

Base Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifiers: (+4 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma) Gloomgaunts are terrifyingly dextrous despite their size, and have a force of personality and intelligence none can deny, though their bodies are suprisingly frail.   Size: Female Gloomgaunts are huge sized creatures, while male Gloomgaunts are large sized creatures.   Type: Gloomgaunts are Humanoid Creatures with the Elf and Giant subtypes.   Base Speed: Gloomgaunts have a base land speed of 30ft.   Vision: Gloomgaunts gain Darkvision(60ft) and can see through environmental conditions such as fog, blizzards, and other conditions which inhibit perception out to 60ft. They also low have low-light vision, allowing them to see twice as far in conditions of low light.   Languages: Gloomgaunts begin play speaking the regional language that reflects their origins(See Languages of Zheng-Kitar), and either Old Elven or Baltairi. A Gloomgaunt with high INT can choose from the following languages: (Abyssal, Sylvan, Terran, Tenebran, Common, and Giant)   Warped Immunities: Gloomgaunts are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusion spells and effects.   Natural Camoflauge: Gloomgaunts take no penalty to their stealth checks due to size and can move at full speed when stealthing at no penalty.   Gloomgrasp: Gloomgaunts can, as a standard action that does not provoke AoO, force any creature they can see within 1 mile/1.6km to succeed on a will save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CHAMOD) or be teleported to a space adjacent to the Gloomgaunt. This is an Illusion(Phantasm) effect with the fear and mind affecting tags. Once affected by this ability, a given creature cannot be affected by it again for 24hrs. This cannot be used to teleport a subject into or out of a space where teleportation effects would normally be prevented from working (Such as a Dimensional Lock or Anchor).   Silencing Skin: Any creature or object a Gloomgaunt touches, wears, or holds makes no sound as if affected by a silence spell with no save. Gloomgaunts gain a +4 on all Combat Maneuvers attempted against flat footed opponents or against foes that would be denied their DEX bonus to AC.   Mighty Trample: Gloomgaunts always possess the "Trample" universal monster rule due to their immense size, dealing a base damage of 2d6 + 1.5 DEXMOD with a DC to avoid the trample of (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + DEXMOD). Gloomgaunts do not provoke attacks of opportunity when trampling as if they had the Improved Overrun feat, but do not get the bonuses to trample/overrun the feat would give them and can still take Improved Overrun to gain the bonuses. The damage for the trample increases by 1d6 for every 4 HD they possess, to a maximum of 7d6 at 20th level.   Nocturnal Predators: Gloomgaunts gain a +2 racial bonus on perception and stealth checks, which double in conditions of darkness or extreme low light (GM Discretion).   Poison Use: Gloomgaunts are skilled in the use of poisons and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves.   Inkblot Steps: Whenever Gloomgaunts take a 5 foot step, they can phase through transparent barriers such as glass and through walls of force.   Giant Strength: Gloomgaunts count their strength as 15 higher for the purposes of carrying capacity and lifting weight.   Inkwell Infusion: Gloomgaunts are capable of entering any structure or space designed for creatures smaller than themselves(Down to such places designed for small size creatures, no smaller) that they would normally not be able to or would have a hard time fitting into as if they were a creature of that size. Their physical size does actually change, but for mechanical reasons and ease of play their mechanics from their original size remain.

Basic Information


Gloomgaunts are beings with a strange and alien anatomy that lends little clues as to their origins, though at their core they resemble most humanoids with a traditional two-limb, two-leg and head located atop the torso layout of most other humanoids. Where things differ, however, is when one begins to look at their internal anatomy...though their internal anatomy is mostly similar in appearance and function to other humanoid creatures like humans, Gloomgaunts have an eerily uncanny control of their own internal anatomy, to such a degree that they can almost at will pop joints out of place, twist and bend their limbs and arms at unnatural angles, and in some extreme cases, completely bend and twist their skeletal and musculature systems to allow them to take on properties closer to liquids than solid humanoid creatures...the mechanism behind these extreme functions is unknown.

Biological Traits

Gloomgaunts are notorious for their incredibly voluminous hair - their hair grows at a rate almost no other species in the world can match, often leading to massive, enormous manes of hair on both Gloomgaunt Males and females that can often run down to their waist and even knees. This hair is often seen as a symbol of power in Gloomgaunt Society, and is grown and groomed with pride.

Genetics and Reproduction

Gloomgaunts are beings defined and typified by incredibly strong emotion and passion, and as such this inherent connection to emotion, passion, and sin has led them to develop a rate of reproduction wholly unlike many other elf-like beings - compared to most other Elven races, Gloomgaunts reproduce at lightning speed - though average for other races such as humans. Gloomgaunts reproduce through sexual reproduction, with the larger females carrying the children inside of them for anywhere between One to Two years, though this incredibly long gestation time is offset by a unique facet of Gloomgaunt physiology - children are stored in a psuedo-extradimensional space inside their mother akin to an extradimensional womb, which has little impact on their growth and gestation, but prevents the mother from being bogged down by a weighty pregnancy for an extended period, allowing her to function as normal up until about a couple months before the birth, at which point she begins showing some minor biological signs.   However, rumors abound in numerous Elven myths as well as other human and other parables from many species that Gloomgaunts do not reproduce strictly through sexual means - many children's fables and myths, rumors, and legends speak of Gloomgaunts as "Dark Elves", or "Demon Elves", and that they are demons born from negativity, sin, and corruption...such that a common elven folktake speaks of Gloomgaunts as an unnatural thing that comes about when an Elf and rarely, another species, indulges in sin or becomes too self-absorbed or which point a transformation into a Gloomgaunt is not far behind. Still more tales speak of Gloomgaunts as having some heretical and insidious ritual to force this transformation upon other races and creatures - though the truth of these claims has never been substantiated or proven beyond their existence as fables and myths.

Growth Rate & Stages

Once born, Gloomgaunt children are slow to mature and come to maturation after 50 long years, though they reach physical maturity around age 35-40 and become fully emotional mature around age 50. Once they reach this age of full maturity, Gloomgaunt biology slows down considerably, and their aging process comes to a near standstill...they do not reach middle age until age 200, and do not become old until age 300. They become Venerable around age 400 and die some years later.

Ecology and Habitats

Gloomgaunts are nocturnal creatures, and though they can thrive in most environments they are typically found in Forests, Rainforests, Badlands, and the most extreme environments in the world - typically extreme heat and cold. They favor environments that give them seclusion but place them close enough to other races and cultures, civilized or otherwise, that they can attack, harrass, or otherwise use them as needed.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gloomgaunts are omnivores, and can eat both plant and meat with equal vigor. Unlike their potential Elven Ancestors, Gloomgaunts have no aversions to heavy meat-eating, and typically have no societal taboos that prevent them from indulging in cannabalizing their dead, though typically only done as a last resort option for a given Gloomgaunt tribe.   They in fact tend to lean more towards heavy meat-based diets than anything, which has done them no favors in being labeled "Maneaters" and "Demons".

Biological Cycle

Gloomgaunts show little sign of their age until they begin reaching age 300 or so, as their bodies are unnaturally resistant to the trappings of time due to their ancestry. Once they begin to show signs, their skin begins to bleach and whiten as their hair begins to fall out and turn a similar shade of white, their skin and bodies withering and wrinkling until they waste away and die.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Gloomgaunt society is almost always matriarchal and class-oriented. Male gloomgaunts usually fulfill martial roles, defending the species from external threats under the command of female commanders or specialists, while female Gloomgaunts assume positions of leadership and authority in both the government and military, often serving as special forces or elite units.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Gloomgaunts have many incredibly valuable sought after byproducts, including their skin and eyes. Both are valuable and charged with magic and otherworldly energies, leading to many enterprising adventurers attempting to hunt them - though most invariably are never heard from again.

Facial characteristics

Gloomgaunt faces are typified with eyes that completely lack pupils, being one solid color with faces that possess sharp, angular jawlines.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Gloomgaunts are nocturnal creatures, and though they can thrive in most environments they are typically found in Forests, Rainforests, Badlands, and the most extreme environments in the world - typically extreme heat and cold. They favor environments that give them seclusion but place them close enough to other races and cultures, civilized or otherwise, that they can attack, harrass, or otherwise use them as needed.

Average Intelligence

Gloomgaunts smarter than the average human, and have both charm and intellect - a fact that lends to their reputation as cunning, conniving shapeshifters who steal away children and others in the night.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gloomgaunts, perhaps owing to their strange ancestry, have eyes adapted to the night as they are both nocturnal creatures and creatures used to operating underground...however, they can also see through fog, blizzards, and other obscuring environmental conditions with little issue, lending many to question where exactly these strange creatures came from.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Gloomgaunt names are often melodic and elven-esque in nature, though their names contain harsher sounding elements which make them stand out from other species.   They typically have three parts to their name - Their first name, or given name, is one bestowed upon them by their parents. Their second name, or 'Honor Name', is not given at birth, and is instead earned over the course of thier life as their achievements grow, changing or growing as they live their lives and becoming known for different things. Finally, their third name, or surname, is their family name handed down on the mother's side, as men typically take on the surname of their wives.   Typically, only Gloomgaunt Honor Names are broken up by apostrophes to denote additions to the name based on reward or achievment, or sometimes mere syllable to seperate different meanings.   Male: Zeklyn, Jhalkos, Krendax, Masyraen, Nilonim, Caloyn, Sabal, Istin   Female: Xaryna, Vlonxae, Zelnalla, Laelarra, Marynna, Schezalle, Tayana, Nathaste


Gloomgaunt history is mostly unknown - they are known to be one of the races reborn by the Spirit Kings long ago when they remade the continent in the aftermath of the sacrifice of the Six Great Ancestors nearly 4500 years ago, but their origin or ancestry has been completely lost to time - or perhaps purposely erased. They are believed to be descended from a mixture of races such as Elves and Giants, but their specific ancestry is unknown, and they are assumed to be "Mongrels" - genetic chimeras made up of many different ancestries. By who or by how, though, is unknown.
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400 Years
Conservation Status
Gloomgaunts are not nearly as plentiful as humans, elves, or dwarves, and though their exact population is hard to manage due to their isolated and reclusive natures, they are thought to be a rare but not endangered race.
Average Height
Males: 14ft 6in - 16ft 9in (4.41m - 5.15m)   Females: 31ft 4in - 34ft 7in (9.57m - 10.58m)
Average Weight
Males: 700lbs - 900lbs (317kg - 408kg)   Females: 5,600 - 7,200lbs (2,540kg - 3,265kg)
Average Physique
Unlike other large races, Gloomgaunts are not as incredibly muscular as one might expect, and typically have a tall but lanky and dextrous physique, where muscle is hidden beneath smooth, supple flesh designed for quick movement and action.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Gloomgaunt skin ranges from coal black to a dusky purple. Their hair is typically white, silver, crimson or purple, though some variation is not unknown.
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