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Gloomgaunt Alternate Racial Traits

Giantborn: Ability Score Modifiers are replaced with (+4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma).   Their normally lanky, dextrous bodies replaced with thick muscle fibers and durable bodies, some Gloomgaunts take more after the giant heritage in their bodies than their Elven Heritage, and transform accordingly into muscular powerhouses.
Weapon Training: Become proficient with longbows (including composite longbows), longswords, rapiers, and shortbows (including composite shortbows), and treat any weapon with the word “elven” in its name as a martial weapon. Replaces Warped Immunities.   Though Gloomgaunts have existed on their own for so long they can scarcely be related back to the races that they are said to have descended from long, long ago, a few Gloomgaunts exist that retain use of the ancient and ancestral weapons of the Elves...proof positive of some link between the Elves and the Gloomgaunts, long whispered as the "Dark Elves" of Zheng-Kitaran myth.
Gloomgaunt Weapon Training: Become proficient with Katanas, Nodachis, Naginatas, Tetsubos, and Wakizashis. Replaces Warped Immunities.   Taking their people's secret and well-protected weapons and training with them all their lives, many Gloomgaunts become highly proficient with these strange and exotic weapons, until they become almost extension of their own body.
Dedicated Hunters: Gain hatred for one creature type (Or two humanoid subtypes), granting a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage made against them. Replaces Warped Immunities.   Stalking the gloomy forests of their homelands, Gloomgaunts often become reviled by those species who inhabit the lands nearby their own, hunting them as boogeymen in the night. In response, Gloomgaunts often become highly adept at hunting certain types of creatures.
Quickwalker: Suffer no movement penalties when moving through non-magical difficult terrain. Replaces Natural Camoflauge.   Used to darting through the dense brush of a forest, the jagged crags of a wasteland, or whatever their home environment might be, many Gloomgaunts are all too familiar and used to bounding over uneven or difficult terrain.
Deft Striker: You do not take the size penalty to attack rolls that large or larger creatures do. Replaces Natural Camoflauge.   Having been acclimated to their large bodies long ago, many Gloomgaunts become terrifyingly adept at hitting their despite their bulk, and in time can even overcome the inherent disadvantages their size inflicts upon them.
Fog Aura: As a free action, gain the ability to turn on an aura that fills the area within 120ft of you with Light Fog, imposing a -2 penalty on perception checks and ranged attacks within this radius and dropping all movement speeds by 10ft for enemies within the radius(Minimum 5ft). At night these bonuses/penalties double as the fog becomes medium. For a number of rounds a day equal to 1/2 your HD(Min 1), you can turn the fog into heavy fog, obscuring all vision beyond 5 feet and granting concealment to all creatures further than 5 feet away. You must expend double the amount of rounds to maintain the fog during the day. The fog hovers from the ground up to 30ft in the air. Replaces Gloomgrasp.   Most popular and consistent in the tales of the Gloomgaunts, their peculiar fog auras are quite well known and feared, talked about in myth and superstition as a herald of all things ominous in the night...and a portent for when the Gloomgaunts march to abduct the misbehaving children who wander the woods at night...but of course, such things are naught but a fairy tale. Surely?
Sinmind: Gain a +1 to the saving throw DCs of all spells and SLA's of the enchantment school. With CHA 15 or higher, gain Charm Person once per day as an SLA. Replaces Gloomgrasp.   Said to be the living manifestation of Elves who fell to darkness or embraced negative emotions and hatred, certain Gloomgaunts possess a keen understanding of the darkest and most sinful desires that lurk in the hearts of others...
Planar Skin: Gain DR 5 overcome by either good or evil, chosen when taking this alternate racial trait. Replaces Silencing Skin.   With their skin glistening with extraplanar energies, certain Gloomgaunts do not silence things they touch as many normally do but instead carry an otherworldly resilience normally reserved for demonds and other outsiders.
Skinshifter: Gain the ability to change your shape as per Alter Self to take on the shape of a Medium or Large Humanoid figure. Changing shape is an immediate action that does not provoke AoO. Replaces Silencing Skin.   Their skin marked with the flowing script-like tattoos of living ink that serve as hallmarks for their people, Gloomgaunts can rarely take advantage of the latent power that dwells in the ink and tattoos upon their skin, drawn by Gloomgaunt Inkmasters, let them shift and mold their forms to better fit in among civilized peoples.
Spellbane Skin: Gain SR 10 + HD. Replaces Silencing Skin and Gloomgrasp.   Their dark purplish-black skin glistening with strange runes and magics, these rare Gloomgaunts find themselves resistant to the very stuff of magic itself, as spells and other spell like abilities wash off their skin like rain off stone...all but assuring their reputation as feared nocturnal mageslayers who roll in with the fog and snatch up fledgling mages, spiriting them away as punishment for their sins.
Ambitious Schemer: Gain a racial +2 to bluff and diplomacy, and gain one as a class skill. Replaces Nocturnal Predators.   Seduction, Treachery, and Intrigue are intrinsic to the very nature of Gloomgaunts and their society, and many learn to embrace these inner tendencies to better advance in their twisted, politically-charged society.
Spellscript Tattoos: Gain a racial +2 to Knowledge(Arcana) and Spellcraft, and gain one as a class skill. Replaces Nocturnal Predators.   With the strange and sacred script that Gloomgaunts ink onto their skin from childhood pulsing with magical power their entire lives, many Gloomgaunts learn to understand the latent magics that dwell upon their inky purple, black, or blue skin to better understand the ways of magic and the arcane itself.
Arachnid Empathy: Gain the ability to empathetically communicate with arachnids, spiders, and similar creatures. You cannot control them, but can communicate in basic concepts and basic spiders and other arachnids are generally more friendly to you, though may still attack you if under duress or in extreme circumstances. Replaces Nocturnal Predators.   Another relic that hints at their past, Gloomgaunt Spidermasters are veritable masterminds at controlling, raising, and nurturing other spiders and other spider-like creatures, so much that the male Gloomgaunts often ride particularly large spiders into battle.
Poisonvein: Gain a +4 on all saves made verus poison, drugs, and disease. By ingesting a poison willingly, you can choose to circulate it in your veins instead of taking its effects and cause it to spurt out the next time you are struck in combat with a piercing or slashing weapon, spraying either the attacking creature or all creatures adjacent to you. If you spray all adjacent creatures, the save DC for the poison is reduced by 2. You can only store one dose of one poison in your veins at a time. Replaces Poison Use.   Though poison is a natural part of Gloomgaunt Society, not all are neccesarily skilled in their application, and instead are used as Poison Minions, or experiments by the Gloomgaunt Fleshcrafters - though some do it willingly, the transformation allows Gloomgaunts to circulate venom and poison within their veins without consequence to release it as a burst the next time their skin is punctured.
Mutated Body: Gain a climb speed and swim speed equal to your base land speed. Replaces Poison use.   Their bodies experimented upon or bearing the mark of ancestors who were similarly experimented upon by Gloomgaunt Fleshcrafters, some Gloomgaunts have had their arms and legs adapted to movement in most any ground-based environment, allowing them to scale walls and swim with ease.
Crushing Legs: The DC for your mighty trample increases by 2. Replaces Poison use.   Their normally lanky and dextrous legs swollen with muscle and power, these Gloomgaunts possess legs of immense power that allow their footfalls to crush their victims with far greater and quicker force.
Naturalborn Warrior: Gain a +2 Dodge Bonus to AC, which doubles when fighting aberrations. Replaces Poison use and Inkblot Steps.   Though they tend to be selfish, self-interested, and manipulative creatures, some Gloomgaunts can focus themselves long enough to hone their skill with a blade to nearly superhuman levels, entering their society's warrior caste and distinguishing themselves wonderfully with their prowess, or making a name for themselves elsewhere as a powerful and solitary warrior.
Inkblot Skin: When performing a coup-de-grace that would kill or when dealing damage that would kill another creature, you can choose to draw the creature into your skin instead of killing them, sealing them as per Temporal Stasis. During this time, they appear on your skin as a stylized script-like caricature of themselves. You can disgorge them as a free action, whereupon they appear in a nearby square and have one round to be healed and stablized or die. While you have them imprisoned, you can probe their mind as per Mind Probe once per day, and can subtly alter their memories as per modify memory once per day, both granting no save. You can store 1 + CONMOD creatures this way at a time, minimum 1. Replaces Inkblot Steps.   Their skin daubed with ritualistic designs that speak of their lives and conquests as well as warding inscriptions to ward off attacks and foes and nightmares, many Gloomgaunts can, with training, master the strange art of using their magic inked skin as a storage medium for other creatures, drawing them in and sealing them away instead of killing them where they can be interrogated and changed with no repercussions, and disgorged at a later date into the slave pens of Gloomgaunt society, indoctrinated for a life of servitude with no memory of who they were before.
Inky Shift: A number of times per day equal to 1 + CHAMOD, minimum 1, you may as a swift action teleport to a nearby space within 60ft as if using dimension door. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You cannot take other creatures with you when you use this ability except for familiars. This ability, unlike normal for teleport effects, does not allow you to bypass a Wall of Force. Replaces Inkblot Steps.   Able to become an inky cloud and shift across the battlefield in the blink of an eye, these special gloomgaunts cannot go through the barriers their kin can, but have a great range of movement while doing so.


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