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Daknuzun, The Chthonic Queen

The Evil Elemental Lord of Earth

Titles: The Chthonic Queen, The Lady of Vengeance, The Great Debtkeeper, Mother Nature, The Queen of Thorns, The Magmavein Lady, The Heartripper   Favored Weapon: Morningstar   Alignment: Earth   Spirit King: Baoshan   Obedience: Spend one hour writing down a record of your grudges, debts, and other sources of frustration or offense. Embed a thorn into your skin or the nearby ground for each such item recorded, to be removed once the writing is done.   Effect: Whenever you take bleed damage, enemies within 5 feet of you take 1d4 points of fire damage that bypasses resistances and immunities. A number of times per day equal to your CONMOD + 1(Min 1), you can launch a thorn as a ranged touch attack, dealing 1d6 + Dexmod damage and causing 2 points of bleed damage(Ranged Increment of 60ft) if the thorn hits.

Divine Domains

Earth, Plant, Protection, Madness

Holy Books & Codes

The Heartripper Biblos

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A flaming heart impaled with a thorn

Tenets of Faith

Repay your debts without fail. Take revenge for both your own grudges and for all those who die unjustly and those who cannot take their vengenace. Never forget or forgive.
Watch over the natural world and keep it safe from exploitation, needless overuse, and destruction.
Be the protector for the animals, plants, beasts, and creatures who cannot protect themselves, and ravage those who dare infringe upon them.

Queen of Thorny Vengeance

Daknuzun is one of two Elemental Lords serving Baoshan, the Spirit King of Earth. She embodies the crueler, more cold and vicious aspects of Baoshan's portfolio, though to many how she truly resembles the "evil" aspects of her Spirit King's portfolio is a bit more esoteric than other Elemental Lords of other Spirit Kings, who might be more clearly "Evil". Daknuzun preaches "Eye for an Eye" taken to the logical extreme, even if doing so would make the whole world blind. She preaches that just as nature does in its own cold, uncaring way, it is best to always wreak karmic vengeance on those who slight or wrong you, and to always ensure that those who slight others who commit wrongs upon them get their just desserts, even if the faithful must wreak that vengeance on them for the sake of others who cannot do so themselves.   Daknuzun is also the Elemental Lord of nature, and she preaches a harsh and cruel but ultimately fair creed of looking out for all of nature's beasts, plants, and creatures - even sentient ones such as humans and the like - by wreaking bloody havoc on those who dare to infringe upon nature's borders and overuse it, exploit it, or otherwise prove themselves a harm to it and/or that which lives there. Vengeance, to Daknuzun and her faithful, is an inherently pious act - to remember one's debts and see them repaid and to similarly ensure all slights are repaid in blood is a holy act, and one that shows inherent loyalty to Daknuzun and faith in her ideals. So does Daknuzun embodyu the harsher nature of Baoshan's portfolio - of providing the cold, uncaring protection of earth and bringing the crushing destruction of earth onto all who dare attempt to exploit it or use nature's gifts for their own selfish gain - and of protection other creatures by wreaking savagery on those who would harm them.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Thornspire Fortress, The Elemental Plane of Earth   Areas of Concern: Earth, Revenge, Nature, Protection   Holy Animal: Pig   Holy Colors: Brown, Red   Holy Number: 3

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Naturewarden: Keep the natural world safe from those who would exploit it. Destroy and/or re-educate those who would squander its gifts, exploit it, or enact needless cruelties on the creatures that dwell within it.
Oath of the Debtkeeper: Keep a complete log of all debts you have incurred and all grudges you have, both for yourself and for others who cannot or will not seek vengeance for an action done upon them. Never forgive a wrong done upon you or your allies, and always ensure those who do so suffer in an equal or greater measure for what they have done. Never forgive a grudge or a slight without enacting some repayment in return.


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