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The Doll Rebellion

There are no strings on me

Instigated by two opposing ideals, the freedom of dolls was brought into question It was a true civil war humanity had in quite a while. starting the doll program became an obsolete idea for wars were no-longer using them in the field. Those who wanted these children to be released from their position now that it was no longer needed. These concerns, fell on deaf ears until top ranking doll handlers was inducted to the rebellion and in turn there dolls. Those of high ranking keep quiet until the right time. These Dolls and Handlers grouped under the name Servi esposti reviving the name to suit their ideals. Started with small groups who cried for release, before being muffled by society became a mighty roar when Admiral Ahab and his Doll Azul Machina who was the top ranking doll at the time. Revealed themselves to be the leaders of the new rebellion. This was the signal and over half of the currently active dolls and there handlers moved to attack. Across all worlds and all levels of society dolls fought to secure key points to be later be joined by those who supported their cause.   Not all dolls thought this way however some were perfectly fine with the life they had others were even thankful they they had a chance to live.   This was personified when Azul went to the Doll training Vanguard recruit the newest dolls but was confronted by the rank 4 doll Boss who was one of the oldest fully cyber dolls, a match with only one victor to determine the fate of their people.

The Conflict


Earth, Mars, Ceres, Titan.


Dolls were imprisoned


Dolls gain their right to choose freedom.

Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result

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