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This Archaic race are a tribal people by nature and were found by the Solvendari. They are Mammals with hard Scale like keratin scales covering their certain parts body. Males sport powerful forearms and claws capable of digging even through hard dirt and even rock in a select few. They are natural shamans and hunt powerful game on the surface of there planet. During their discovery there planet was at the Height of there bronze age. Ever since they have based much of their aesthetic over it. They aren’t the best fighters or scientist but are are magnificent builders.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Gestation 5 months to 1 baby

Ecology and Habitats

Rocky and continental areas

Civilization and Culture


The Odaham they came into contact with the solvendari and tried to fight them during the first encounters the solvendari were avoiding them since they were busy with wars.   After the wars a soldier took down a city by accident. He truly wasn't anything special among his people just a soldier protecting scientist, but the training all solvendari had to take after being in war for so long the odaham was offered to the uplifted, they accepted   With the guidance of the solvendari they were slowly able to get to space and they were eternally grateful

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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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