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Elemental planes of Theia

When humanity opened the portal to another dimension and became contracted, the spirits had there own words for their respected elemental homes, but for the dimension or place that held these realms they didn’t have one. Humanity in conjunction with the spirits consent sought it fit to name that place Theia.   Theia holds all of the spirit realms and they are all connected to a nexus of spiritual power, for lack of better descriptions. It called the Primordial shores it holds just enough power between all the realms to be habitable with little interference these shores have become an expeditionary hub for those who seek to explore the realms at their own risk.


Primordial Shores the interlocking safe places in between the elemental planes.   The Soul Elemental Plane, is one of pure essence, In some areas it’s so thick you can build on it. Though staying to long make one not want to leave even if they have no means of controlling essence. While inside it appears as a mirror reflection of our world, streams of astral energy acting as roads to deeper sections there. Because of this the Symbol for the Soul is a Mirror   The Plane of the Void is a tricky one, we have only ever visited it by space ship successfully, but account from the void contracted and now void mancers have given it certain characteristics. “You will find, everything you have ever experienced there, and things you would have liked to not. The plane doesn’t suck anything in anything and everything is free to come and go. It doesn’t feed of fear, bad luck or demonic rituals the void cares not who you are or what you do for you are already apart of it.” For this reason the famous Rorschach test is considered the symbol, though thoses who are connected to the Void agrees on the idea, no one symbol is chosen,   The Plan of Metal wasn’t what anyone was expecting, it was a vast silver sea with mineral outcroppings and in comparison to the other planes rather small. But since human interaction, the sea has taken shape or given purpose if the spirits are to be believed, and has been expanding ever since that day. Metal is one of the few planes we can inhabit safely and the spirits are please when ever we build there. For this reason the anvil and hammer   The Plane of light was near blinding even with protective eyewear. But it sat square on top of a cloud layer predicted to be connected to the plane of air. One researcher remark how we should build a staircase here. Despite our best efforts we could not determine were the light was coming from and could only put down it did indeed has a source, since we cast shadow in certain directions. This lead to the Lantern/ Sun becoming the symbol   The elemental Plane of Darkness held a challenge most exploration had to be done via echo location. Unlike the Void however there didn’t seem to be anything there. The symbol for darkness was given to the Eclipse   The Plane of Ice was a personal favorite, the land though so cold if it wasn’t for our environmental gear we would have still perished even with spirit asistances. The area was full of ice structures, of course the occasional mountain and glacier but actually architecture, or at least what could be seen as such. Speaking to the spirits the shapes came about naturally and might have been influenced by spirits passing each giving it a certain form. Hammer and Chisel and Pick where all chosen.   The Plane of Air and Lightning Share a realm as such they are shown to be constantly at odds with eachother unlike metal and earth. This made them one of the most dangerous realms to visit but during times where the air is calm and the storms do not rage, there is a sense of tranquility,   Though I wished to travel into the heart of lightning’s control, my crew motioned against it.   The Plane of Earth was as I expected lush forest, towering mountains, but that was just the top layer. Under the crust is where the spirits truly made there home, interconnected cave networks, nearly as pitch black as the plane of darkness though without the need for echolocation. If you stare long enough you could see that earth itself move and if you focused it would be like moving on a treadmill.   The plane of fire had a level of danger akin to the one for lightning but we could survive intense heat far longer than potential power failure. A quick dip into the fire plane shown an idea of what hell would look like, and honestly it wasn’t too bad, no more so than Earth caverns. Though it wasn’t clear there was also what I believed to be a city. I wanted to explore more but the ship had all it could take. So we left.   The Plane of Water held as expected water, fresh water, as far as the eye could see. But as I rode deeper the spirits became restless and the spirits outside became hostile, do not underestimate any ocean it seems.

Flora & Fauna

Flora, exist in the plane of earth Spirits inhabit ever part.

Natural Resources

Dimensional plane
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Author's Notes

Stock art by Thomas Raube

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